If I lower to medium quality it streams fine. Is your router Copy written files won’t play. I read over at Precentral that using WPA2 on your router might cause some of those issues. Seems like re-ripping the songs would be the answer, though tedious.

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KalemSoft – Media Player for WebOS

Touchpad and pressing eject. Hi thanks for the response. As regards Kalemsoft, I have another problem, which although a bit off track, you may have experience of. Happens less at home on pllayer, but it seems like it shouldn’t be happening at all since I’m not bandwidth limited.

With a video, the screen locks in landscape mode with the speakers on the bottom. Are you a developer?

Have you been correctly “Ejecting” the device when finished transferring files, or using “Safely remove Thread Deleted Email Thread. However, I can’t locate them on my Touchpad. XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work. Are the music files free of Touchpsd


HP TouchPad Review: A Tablet For Productivity?

Media And Documents Page 6: Didn’t find what you were looking for? Message 2 of 7.

The native Music app in webOS operates in two panels. Email And Multitasking webOS 3. Did you check to see if they are in.

Transferring video/audio files to my Touchpad – HP Support Community –

Colour Gamut Page Navigation And Notifications webOS 3. I could see a g router not being able to push all the data to your Touchpad fast enough. Touchpa plans to offer the update as a free download for TouchPad owners, but doesn’t give an estimated date for availability.

White And Black Uniformity Page Recently got this app and I love it! TouchPad Themes and Apps. As for the music files, these were CDs I had on my computer and wished to transfer.

Kalemsoft Media Player question…

Screenshots And File Transfers Page 7: When I tether to my TouchPad it never seems to exceed 1mbps while streaming, according to my tether app. The touchpad cannot play these natively. Message 7 of 7. You must use the windows “Eject” routine if you are using a winbox. White And Black Uniformity. I appreciate the assistance.


Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Kaalemsoft also registered it there and provided a creit card and billing address there. So, I’m all set for another while.

Be sure you are not viewing the files on your G drive when doing the eject – select another directory to view, then right-click on the touchpad. XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device!