Use the link that you receive upon your purchase to download the ZIP file to your computer first, unzip it using any decompression program on your PC or MAC and then transfer PDF files to your iPad via iTunes or Dropbox app, whichever is more convenient for you. I felt like I had wasted two years, a lot of money and energy, only to learn something that was of no use. Please update your Adobe Reader to get the full experience of the tutorials and the multimedia content. Those that are shot outdoors usually “contaminated” with colors of the ambient light. By the time I started shooting there, I was super hungry for it. The performance of this eBook will greatly depend on the performance of your computer, its graphics card, and the version of Adobe Reader used for viewing it. Hi Julia, Thanks for the great article!

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I create my photos from start to finish, and I can tell you all about how to get to where I am at with my photography and retouching today, just follow my julia kuzmenko ebook.

One thing led to another, there sure were more setbacks along the way, but only half a year later I was receiving the first publications with my retouching work in dbook.

I value my julia kuzmenko ebook, and more so yours. No doubt, they are masters of what they do, but they are pro retouchers. To achieve perfection and to transform your photograph into something beyond a mediocre picture, making it to feel better in terms of art and etcetera, there has to be a specific amount of post-processing most necessarily done. Hi Julia very interesting article.

Skin tones is really a complex issue and there’s no quick advice that I can give you in a comment. It was obvious that the program was great, the course was very successful, but it ebiok became jilia tiring kulia me to run one-on-one classes every day. Re-inventing your self and not giving up is the most important thing that artists can and sometimes have to do.


Creative Retouching Essentials eBook | Photography Ebooks

Although things never go as smoothly as planned, I have learned to embrace difficulties and always learn from every tough lesson. There are always other important things for a pro photographer to get done such as promoting him- or herself to get juulia work, or actually making money shooting. Julia Kuzmenko makes it easier for us by giving some incredible tips and step by step procedure julia kuzmenko ebook finetuning your digital photograph.

Attila Kun Attila is the founder and editor-in-chief of Exposure Guide. I thought juliia was fun, and spent a few months working on a retouching training outline.

Online Boudoir Marketing Course. I did fill out a few local job applications.

I felt like I had wasted two years, a lot of money and energy, only to learn something that julia kuzmenko ebook of no use. The studio turned out to be terrible. Download free latest Adobe Reader: Nothing is perfect, You will agree to this fact blindly if you are shooting digital. Holiday Light Shows Fortunately, which I did not realize at the time, I never received any response, and decided to try and work as a retoucher. This eBook can be found here: I have checked out your page – you have some beautiful ladnscapes there!

But, as always, another big surprise was waiting for me at the end of that wonderful photography rehabilitation period. I would like asking julia kuzmenko ebook for help ” how to retouch skin tone as pictures you are ” please tell me what do I need. That same fall I moved to the United States and practiced shooting outdoors even more with local talent in Denver, CO, shifting more toward fashion and editorial photography and away from simple portraits.


After my check was cashed, I became a nuisance to them rather than an appreciated customer. It’s a long process of training your eye to see “good” pleasant skin tones, being able to determine when skin tones in your photography are off, and julia kuzmenko ebook being able to fix them with various color correction techniques.

Digital Photo Retouching eBook

Julia, You have had a number of challenges, but you faced julia kuzmenko ebook all. I had mastered studio lighting and posing inexperienced models along the way, which was the best outcome for my future self-development, as an artist and commercial photographer. Please remember that the Actions, Brushes and Gradients in the Bonus Goodie Bags of respective eBooks are a very julia kuzmenko ebook addition to the eBooks and you can only use them in Adobe Photoshop on your computer, so you need to download the ZIP file onto your computer anyway.

If you are a working photographer like me, than most likely you want to learn how to deliver excellent results very quick. Luckily, the sad setback gave me more time to find another studio. Just wanted to take a quick minute and thank you for providing such useful insight.

I am myself following the same path you took, leaving the actual shooting for younger people and taking care of the retouching and compositing.