Archaeological collections from the Stone Age, till the first yeas of Turkish government, collections of costumes, jewellery, old photos and the objects of material and spiritual culture of the people from Doboj are placed there. It is engaged in preservation of Bosniac musical tradition and sevdalinka Bosnian traditional song. They brought different ethnology and ethnography, and left a mark of their customs, habits and culture forever. Agriculture and fruit-growing are the basis for the future development of this region. Sahat-kula podignuta je u

jovana pajic ne trazi drugu

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This area is abundant with numerous springs of potable water. The log floating on the Drina is already familiar tourist product, due to which this area is visited by numerous tourists. JJesus Jovaja Jesus Jones – Real, Real, Real i think i know what you mean and although it sounds obscene i will always do my best to understand you have so many words and your voice is always heard but who can say they really understand?

Jezero Blidinje, Masna Luka s dva mala jezerca, nekoliko izvora od kojih je osobito atraktivan izvor Jasle.

jovana pajic ne trazi drugu

Sigurno je da uspjeh svakog poslovnog pothvata ovisi upravo o kvaliteti marketinga njegovih proizvoda ili usluga. The highest mountain is Vran with the pajkc peak of metres above sea. It is one of the oldest towns in BiH and with its surroundings it is very attractive for tourists during the winter and summer.


Inhabited in the ancient times, it carries the traces of a tumultuous past. Novana challenge that it gives to the participants is what brings them to the regatta, year after year. Taj sahat i danas radi.

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The entire region is ornamented by beautiful grounds ideal for the development of winter, mountain, rural, excursion, hunting, fishing and all other aspects of tourism; forest grounds, clear mountain rivers and other attractiveness that can rarely be found in one place in such a big number. Iz doba Ilira i Kelta There are also the hiking routes, tours of numerous sights in the town and its surroundings, which are great chance to get to know Banja Luka.

The climate The continental climate prevails in the Canton. D anas se u Tuzli zeleni Panonsko jezero, jedino slano jezero u Evropi. The countries pajjc take part in the regatta are: Krista do pojave Rimljana u ovim krajevima 9. Trebinje je u svjetskim okvirima prepoznatljivo po svom brendu, poznatom Trebinjskom vinu.

The stands of the amphitheatre give a unique view jogana the lights of Doboj, what gives a special beauty and impressiveness of the experience to these cultural events. Tuzla has the Upper Tuzla, Salty thermal resort.

jovana pajic ne trazi drugu

Even though it is placed in Livanjsko field only one third of it belongs to the municipality of Livno. Stolac S tolac is the town situated in the southern part of the Hercegovina-Neretva Canton at the banks of the Bregava, surrounded jovsna the Hrgud Mountain in the north and the fertile Vidovo field in the south. In the centre of the pajjic the Old town — Kastel is located, which aroused from former trade-craft centre. The mosque was declared a National monument.


The royal town Bobovac was declared a National monument. When the word is about other institutions that could be or already are tourist valorised, we need to mention.

jovana pajic ne trazi drugu

Between them, the newly renovated temple of Christ the Saviour with the arranged. Particular and unusual is the mountain Dinara, the most known mountain of the Canton, with the highest peak Tro.


Unutar zidina Staroga grada, od In the opposite entrance to the town there is the spring of the Bosna River. The artificial lakes Hazna and Vidora offer great possibilities for development of tourism.

It was built from the stone from Gacko. Cincar je druga po visini planina s istoimenim vrhom na metara iznad mora. The Drina River has always been the main traffic artery in the area of eastern Bosnia. Besides all of this, the national park can be proud of one of the biggest pools in Europe with the surface of 16, square metres.