They leave and upon reaching the bee realm, they find the castle’s gates and gatekeeper being bullied by some dudes. During her reign, she will give birth to a powerful successor that will in her stead, rule the bee kingdom and breed more children. There isn’t anybody in the hive that doesn’t know of the Bug Caretaker, Utsuro. Kaguya says she needs no apology but wants Rin instead. Only but to find him kneel at her feet.

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The next scenes are mainly about Kaguya’s issues and mental instability, so stuff get darker Only but to find him kneel at her feet. Basically, Utsuro becomes Kaguya’s faithful ‘dog’ and does everything she needs and wishes. Description Hakuou wanders his hunting ground, the “Lost Forest”, which is located right kiugou the Sky World’s gates. Kaguya then screams in sheer anger because she ALSO remembers who sumeragi really is.

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Learn More – opens in a new window or tab Returns: Even jooubachk he is both beautiful and well-mannered, no one really understand what he’s thinking. One is about Menou the brunette and the other, Kaguya black-haired one. Utsuro refers to himself in the third person a lot, speaks extremely politely, and almost always adds the -me suffix when referring to himself, so he basically sees himself as extremely low compared to Kaguya.


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Jooubachi no Kanbinaru Kougou

Jooubwchi becomes more bashful then reveals that he always loved her Next morning Kaguya wakes up hungry, but sumeragi isn’t found anywhere. Menou A bright, good-natured girl who is loved by everyone.

He listens and just pops out of a random bush. He summons his insects and throws them at her.

Ever since then, she got mental scars and became cautious with everyone around her. When aksed ‘why’ he says its because she doesn’t pick ‘him’ instead of reason I-I-I’ve made you dinner!

Kaguya thinks his smiles are creepy but its just his way of showing his affection heh. When everyone gets in Utsuro’s house, things get comical. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Drama CD Translations

Takanemaru and Masamune are secretly brothers i swear. The next day, Kaguya goes back to her daily routine and leaves the house to buy groceries. Treated like a slave, he wasn’t even allowed to wear clothes. She seems to take care of Menou to an almost nosy degree. Due to him being a cannibal, he is loathed jooubachi no kanbinaru kougou the other bees. Today, we would like to hear about Utsuro-san. Email to friends Share on Facebook – opens in a new window jooubachi no kanbinaru kougou tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest – opens in a new window or tab Add to watch list.


Kaguya thinks that he’s dear They show another flashback and we see Kaguya in Menou’s flower garden while holding a small baby. Sell now – Have one to sell?

Now he’s currently searching for a way to lift the curse. There, she passes by her sister, Menou, who picks up flowers in the garden with her tutor, Takanemaru. Kaguya recognizes him but he doesnt and starts getting more flashbacks.