JMatPro has an easy to use graphical user interface and is also liked by occasional users. Our next events training, customer meeting, user meeting can be found here. Competitive advantages through simulation-based material and process development using the example of aluminum. Download of the JMatPro Demo. A table summarising the available JMatPro calculation types per material type is available for download here.

jmatpro software

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JMatPro Version 10.0

Site Map Computational Thermodynamics Inc. Thermo-physical and physical properties 4. Regular user meetings in Germany softwaer in the USA promote a lively exchange of experiences so that the further development is driven by practical requirements. Werkstoffe in der Fertigung Pitting resistance of stainless steels JMatPro augments the thermodynamic calculations by incorporating different theoretical materials models and properties databases.

Gamma prime and gamma double prime coarsening in nickel-base alloys 5.

jmatpro software

We are representative in German speaking countries and offer sales, support, services and trainings. Download of articles and docs. The program woftware be coupled with the following thermodynamic databases: Download of the JMatPro Demo.


Examples for supported systems are: The community of happy users is continuously growing — we are trying to support this by organizing of customer events, user meetings and specific training courses. Stable and metastable phase equilibria 2.

Examples for supported systems are:. Osftware material development with JMatPro. TTT diagram calculations 5. Paraequilibrium Scheil-Gulliver solidification model 3. Classical Scheil-Gulliver solidification model 2. Stacking fault energy 7.

jmatpro software

Calculation of material data for forging processes. Even for complex alloys it delivers tangible results in a short time. Stable processes and superior solutions through material data in value chains. JMatPro — an acronym for J ava-based Mat erials Pro perties — is a powerful software package developed for modeling complex commercial alloys and their property characteristics, including 1. JMatPro has an easy to use graphical user interface and is also liked by occasional users.

Home Contact Us Privacy Disclaimer. Material data simulation optimizes value chains. Material simulation in steelworks — process reliability through consistent material data. Please ask us for references for your industry.


jmatpro software

CCT diagram calculations 5. Drop us a line; our e-mail address is: Optimization of materials and processing processes using the example of aluminum.

JMatPro – Werkstoffsimulation

Resellers for other countries can be found here. It generates specific material cards using the chemical composition and some boundary conditions softwate input. We offer a money back guaranty for our consulting services if you are not satisfied.

JMatPro — Materials Properties. JMatPro is the best-practice tool for the calculation of temperature-dependent materials properties for a variety of technical alloys, e.