Display 12 30 60 Display 12 30 60 Great combination with JCE gasoline The plugin is based on the LaTeX equation editor and can be used to insert any kind of complex equations. Posted on 01 December Support No support, only for subscribers.

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Your site will automatically send you back a list of all p In addition to a generated real-time preview, it includes a toolbar that helps you to change text appearences and add links, pictures, blockquotes and lists without having to write code.

Work really well, recommend it for any site, should be a core component. Noomla must have for any Joomla site Dwayne Grimes 6. Posted on 27 February In the front-end, using “PHP Markdown Extra” to render markdown syntax, which provide extended features from origin markdown.

Edktor typically enable nearly all features for power users. The best way to get beautiful image popups, right there within jce editor joomla 3.0 editor!


Mar 05 License: This tool will allow you to edit any content in your website simply by sending an email to your site. Ease of use Extremely easy to use. Not a must have Till Sitter It gives rookies a good chance to create popup thumbnails or even articles within a lightbix!

EpicEditor for Joomla enables an awesome Markdown text editor to be used in Joomla!

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Your new drag and drop page builder! Functionality More media functionality than you can shake a stick at RedactorJS Editor By stackideas. GPLv2 or later Type: JCE Editor makes editing content so much easier in particular I love the ability to deal with image items and folders at a far superior level meaning I don’t have to keep leaving my article to sort out something with an image, can do it jce editor joomla 3.0 right from JCE.

Includes advanced Image, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editpr configuration. As soon as I setup a Joomla website, this is going on immediately! Fast response jiomla always helpfull. Posted on 01 December Documentation Clear but it’s all pretty self explanatory.


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Provides greater functionality than basic editors Christina 2. Posted on 01 December Thank you very much. Functionality It makes editing a web page as easy as working in Word. I use JCE on every Joomla!

JCE MediaBox

Great combination with JCE gasoline The best content editor for Joomla gasoline Jun 29 Date added: Widget Factory Limited Last updated: It is great for form heavy sites. Must have for me! Its user familiar due to its modern Window