You are commenting using your WordPress. They tied her to an Iron rod and she was crying to Vitthal helplessly. The absolute truth is the paper, and with ink of eternity Vitthal writes on it Incessantly with Jani. They would go on the annual Pandharpur pilgrimage every year. No room for the lowly inside.

janabai abhang

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I see Krushna to the left and to the right.

Janabai become Vitthal, Vitthal becomes Janabai. They tied her to an Iron rod and she was crying to Lord Sri Vitthal helplessly. In her poems she sings: Just as he was writing down the abhang, Gyaneshwar entered the temple and noticed Vitthal hiding something. When the priest opened the door of temple, he was surprised to see a different shawl on Vitthal.

A jiva Embodied soul gets the human birth after going through 84 abang of other births. Janabai was likely a little older than Namdev, and attended to him for many years. She would say —. He then asked Jani to sit beside him and had the food.


Great Saints’ Namdev Maharaj and Janabai are matchless examples of bhav-bhakti ! – Sanatan Sanstha

Her devotional sentiment towards Saint Dnyaneshwar was extraordinary. A literal example of dasya-bhav bhav unto God as a servitor is Saint Janabai! Fulfil my only desire that You will accept my humble homage and service. However, researchers believe that quite a few of them were in fact compositions of some other janabsi. Views Read Edit View history.

Marathi Song – Nam Vithobache Ghyave – Sant Janabai – Amrutachi Godi / Lokpriya Abhang

She was also a talented poet. Retrieved from ” https: Women and the Law. Have faith, then you will not suffer rebirth Punarjanma. This page was last edited on 7 November sbhang, at Fortunately, some of her compositions got preserved along with those of Namdev. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Great Saints’ Namdev Maharaj and Janabai are matchless examples of bhav-bhakti !

Vitthal then asked Nama to call Jani. Janabbai taru Mhane maazhaa Dnyaneshwaru A star from heaven Such is the greatness of my dear Dnyaneshwar.

Saint Namdev Maharaj, a devotee of Shri Vitthal of highest order! Designed and Developed by Impact Enterprises. Similarly, mother Vitthal watches over Jani over and over again.


janabai abhang

Vitthal then told Nama that he must be hungry and asked janagai to eat with him. The iron rod suddenly turned in to water and all the people who had gathered were astonished. In 7th or 8th decade in 13th Century at Gangakhed, Maharashtra.

janabai abhang

He then asked him what he was hiding and then Vitthal abahng him that he was writing down the abhang composed by Jani. Jani then told Vitthal that she dint have anything other than the food he had left earlier, and that she was hesitant to give it to him.

They are based on the birth of Krushna, biography of Prahlad, child play of Krushna etc. Jani then took it happily to her hut.