Each artist has forged her own unique genre and continues to fight the stereotypes of women in music. Off The Turn Buckle. There are many that share experiences. Though a newcomer, Jahzel is well on his way to a long career in the music industry. At 17, she began writing her own music and struggled to convince her parents she could be a singer. It depends on my situation.

jahzel care

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From the artwork, meetings about the artwork, arguments about the artwork—the name—at one time it was called, Vintage.

So, different strokes for different folks. Shout out to A Cross.

jahzel care

Monique Gonzalez24, better known as MoMo, is from a Cuban family. Chicago-born musician Jahzeleats, sleeps, and breaths that mentality: As a Miami artist, she wants to put her city back on the map. What’s next; until the next time, what would you like to share with AllHipHop? Jahzel Dotel29, was born in New Jersey to Dominican parents. MoMo is all about female empowerment. Institutionalized inequity snatches childhood innocence and continues to slap many upside the head. We go to work, it may not make us happy, but we earn money so that we can do things that make us happy.


Motivated by that response and his love for hip-hop, Jahzel went on to record two more mixtapes, First Class and Jet Lagrespectively. It was grueling process. As an up-and-coming Miami musician, she knows how important it is to support women on the same career path.

Jahzel – Audible Treats

If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters. This is the real story of Chicago and I think people can relate to it.

That was a process in itself. Life is about just being happy in general.

ABQJOURNAL NEWS/METRO: A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

I think that what success is. It depends on my situation. There are many that share experiences. I still wanted to tell that story and capture that emotion.

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Everything we do in life is to be happy. These powerhouse women have known from caare early age that music runs in their veins. The happier you are, I feel the more successful you are.

jahzel care

Waiting To Exhale IC: Nothing is cheap and nobody is giving you anything for free. Vikina has cxre attention from media outlets such as Uforia music. Jahzel worked in the music industry, as a music engineer, DJ manager, producer, and sought-after songwriter before deciding to seriously pursue a solo career as a recording artist. At time that causes problems. We pick out our clothes that make us feel good, we look good; so, we are happy. Latina artists such as Jahzel Dotel, Vikinaand MoMo are advancing music careers in their hometown of Miami by putting out new singles and trusting the process.


5 & Done: Jahzel

By clicking ‘X’ or continuing to use the site, you agree to jahzsl cookies to be placed. The real story is much more complex than what has been told, and I would like to wake the world up to these stories, and the other side of life in Chicago as well. You have to go through it yourself.

jahzel care