Whether performed by the user or by the metroiogical function, the results of the verification process may be compiled into a verification document, in addition to any calibration or test certificates or reports, as part of an audit trail within the metroiogical confirmation system. One of the stated management principles in ISO addresses the. Each time nonconforming measuring equipment is repaired, adjusted or modified, the interval for itsmetrological confirmation shall be reviewed. The results of all reviews and all actions taken shall be recorded. They therefore depend on the specifications for the variablesto be measured. The results of the management review shall be used by the management of the metrological function to modify the system as necessary, including improving measurement processes see Clause 8 and reviewing quality objectives.

iso 10012-1

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iso 10012-1

Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. International organizations, governmental andnon-governmental, in liaison with ISO, also take part in the work. Organizations have the responsibility to determine the level of controls needed and to specify themeasurement isso system requirements to be applied as part of their overall management system.

ISO 10012 for Measurement Management Systems

Other documented and accepted methods may be used. In downloading this file, parties sio therein the responsibility of not infringing Adobe’s licensing policy. Objective performance criteria and procedures for the measurementprocesses, and their control, shall be defined.

The measurement management system consists of the control of designated measurement processes andmetrological confirmation of measuring equipment see Figure 2and the necessary supporting processes. Worldwide Standards We can source any standard from anywhere in the world. GuidanceSpecified metrological requirements are derived from requirements for the product.


Avoiding Calibration Overkill

The measurement processes designed to meet these specified requirements shallbe documented, validated as appropriate and, if necessary, agreed to with the customer. Changes to the measurement management system shall be in accordance with the procedures of theorganization. For dated references, only the edition cited applies.

Outside suppliersshall be evaluated and selected based on their ability to meet the documented requirements. It may be necessary to design and carry out specific experiments or investigations to do this.

We watch our weight and the gas mileage of our cars and trucks, and we measure, track and work hard to improve every aspect of our business life–especially our own income and the bottom line of our employer or enterprise. Records of the metrological confirmation process shall demonstrate whether each item of measuring equipment satisfies the metrological requirements specified. Information relevant to the metrologicai confirmation status of measuring equipment shall be readily available to the operator, including any limitations or special requirements.

ISO 10012-2003

Outside suppliers shall be evaluated and selected based on their ability to meet the documented requirements. Documented procedures shall ensure the identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention time and disposition of records. The maximum permissible error may be determined by the metroiogical function, or by reference to the measuring equipment manufacturer’s published specification The metroiogical function shall ensure only authorized jso are permitted to generate, amend, issue or delete records.

What I found was variation in the preparation of samples presented to the colorimeter, both during the calibration process and during routine measurement of product. Avoiding Calibration Overkill Ratio requirements need to be re-examined by Philip Stein Early in ios 20th century, establishment of laboratories devoted to measurement science, such as the U.


GuidanceThe effort devoted to measurement process control should be commensurate with the importance of themeasurements to the quality of the final product of the organization.

If so, the decisionand justification should be recorded. The metrological characteristics of measuring equipment shall be suitable for its intended use.

ISO Pages 1 – 26 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Well, we’re not outside the realm of possible accuracies for any of these processes, but surely something is wrong. Off-the-shelf software might not require testing. Reclassification should only be used with great care as itcan cause confusion between the allowable uses of apparently identical 10012-11 of equipment.

Uncertainty estimations shall be recorded. Monitoring shall be in accordance with documented proceduresand at established intervals. It is possible that some components of uncertainty will be small compared to other components and this could make their detailed determination unjustifiable on technical or economic grounds. Certified reference materials may be considered as reference standards. Basic methods for the determination of the trueness of a standard measurement method[7] ISOAccuracy trueness and precision of measurement methods and results — Part 5: 10021-1 management of the metrological function shall establish, document and maintain the measurementmanagement system and continually improve its effectiveness.

The performance characteristics required for the intended use of the measurement process shall be identifiedand quantified. After adjustment, the error found by calibration is 0,6 kPa and the uncertainty in the calibration processis 0,3 kPa.

iso 10012-1