I switch it off. Thanks for all your help. Mandi February 16, , 4: You can give it a try http: Nope, i dont rely on a lock, I have tried stock 4. I have 4,1—4,3,3 shsh record.

ireb v3.1.2 for windows 7

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Leave everything and prepare to restore your iPad again. Bro I am running iPhone 4 iOS 4. Again i searched for solution and found iREB-rc4. AFAIK, you need foe shshs blobs of your own jail broken phone to downgrade. Now you downgraded the firmware, so its not the firmware issue.

I need to use Snowbreeze to start. This will get you past 16xx errors. Windows Download ireh PP Jailbreak: If this goes well, then, your device should be in Pwned DFU mode in no time and the iTunes errors should forever disappear. I used both of my computers PCs but i would get the same thing. Gladys Aily Lutero May 14,8: Darman January 19, If yes, then there is nothing that you can probably do about it right now.

I was hoping that you could help me too. Sleep button is not working, iTunes wont detect device, a mess… thius is my last choice before going to an Ireeb store to have it fixed….


So, do you happen to know of any way windlws enter DFU mode without the buttons, then? Hi there my Itouch 4g is stuck on the recovery loop my touch has been jailbroken. I have loaded a dodgy tweak and the phone is continually booting.

ireb v3.1.2 for windows 7

I was trying to update to firmware 4. Now I am really pissed I know, Ideb shouldnt have clicked anythin more, but I panicked so I click on fix recovery, since the iphone is not even detected at tinyumbrella anymore.

And in your case, as long as you do not have a valid SHSH blob saved locally, you can forget about using TU to skip the because in that way, your just force installing a version with an invalid SHSH.

When you plan to restore your device to a previous firmware, you will definitely need iREB in order to put your device to a pwned mode. Choose your device using the right mouse button. If you have saved iOS eindows. I this procedure several times and I connected my iphone to a different usb port, but the same thing happens. Also can I upgrade my iOS and firmware without any worries of the phone getting locked??


Hi there I have an c3.1.2 firmware 3.

Ireb Windows Xp Windows Xp My S Folder

I have an iPod 4th Gen currently on 4. I really cant wait for this to be fixed if I dont make it worse in the process: I already followed the steps and restored my iphone 3gs using the custom firmware. I need the version that i can downgrade my iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch. Restoring through recovery mode throws error.

Fix iTunes 1600, 1601 & 1604 Error During iOS 4.3.1/4.3.2 Custom IPSW Restore

It is restoring now…. So, exit iREB completely.

ireb v3.1.2 for windows 7

Hydrogen – Ireeb WordPress Hosting. BUDDY i m fed up now plz help ireb works perfect and puts my iphone in pwned DFU but when i runs itunes the error couldnt conect to internet comes and when i conects to internet while restoring ios the error came everytime and also turned off antivirus and firewall then whats the metter plz tell me plzzz.