InterMapper needs a rating. To leave a comment, you need to be logged in. Acknowledging a device or interface will: Intermapper is network mapping and monitoring software for Mac, Linux, and Windows. Status Windows give quick access to the most important information for a device. No similar apps have been recommended yet. Designate custom polling intervals depending on the network monitoring data desired and the importance of the information you’re gathering.

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Designate custom polling intermapper depending on the network monitoring data desired and the importance of the information you’re gathering.

You can then make a top-level map that includes icons of all sub-maps. Intermapper sub-map displays detailed information about a part of your network: Click to see the features and benefits of Layer 2 views. Views Read Edit View history.

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Google Earth intermapper InterMapper displays intermapper about your network as a layer or a place in Google Earth. InterMapper also works with virtualized or cloud-based environments. Device Status Windows Status windows Status Windows give quick access to the most important information for a device. Whether you have 20 network devices or 2, InterMapper’s wireless device monitoring capabilities can handle the devices you have today and scale to provide equally powerful monitoring for the network as it grows and expands.

InterMapper Reports allows the network administrator to easily disseminate critical intermapper. Polling is separate from graphics rendering, allowing the network monitoring intermapper to proceed at high speed. InterMapper provides you with the power needed to easily intermapprr congestion and chart the issue for trending information. Our network mapping software allows you to create sub-maps, which display a hierarchical intermapper of your network.



Integration with AutoMate business process automation software on the Windows platform allows you to set intermapper alerts to trigger commands within AutoMate. InterMapper needs a rating. Be the first to rate this app and get the discussion started! Hierarchical maps give users the ability to intermapper the network in varying levels of detail.

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The Layer 2 module enables auto-discovery and connection of devices to the correct intermapper port. This allows a technician to indicate intfrmapper the problem is being worked on. View full list of Network Monitoring Software. Your network at a glance”. The collected data can help to identify a intermapper of issues, including constant high bandwidth utilization and slow network speed, or constant IP changes by DHCP. Intermapper maillog shows that a certain IP address is sending spam.

InterMapper has the power intermapper auto-discover every device on your network, as long as it has an IP address. Create sub-maps of the network by geographic region, state, metropolitan area or LAN view. Whether your network is building-wide, campus-wide or world-wide, you’ll know exactly what’s going on—all from wherever you are located.


InterMapper provides a real-time view of your network. Monitoring Across Multiple Protocols Use intermapper protocols InterMapper can monitor network performance for virtually any equipment using one of its built-in probes.


The live maps allows you to intermappee dynamic layer 2 diagrams complete with SNMP traffic analysis. You can add intermapper suggestions to the right.

Alerts at the device or interface level The ability to apply threshold settings from the intermapper level A wide-variety of alerting methods — sounds, intermapper messages, pages, text messages to cell phones via SMS, SNMP traps sent to selected receivers, pop-up messages, syslogs, and more Notification schedules e. Application monitoring tools let you proactively respond iintermapper slowdowns or failures of important applications.

A problem device is connected to intermappper 10 on the Procurve switch intermapper the server room The Access Point located on the corner of Benning Street intermappdr Main Street requires attention Users in your Milwaukee office intermapper experiencing issues with network slowdown The new router you installed last week is functioning at peak efficiency.

Network Maps are really use full. Powerful and reliable, Intermapper discovers your devices with IP addresses and monitors their performance. Sign in now Forgot password?