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Enhance Your Game Sense

The Basketball IntelliGym software program looks like an innocent computer game — but much more is actually going on. Microsoft DotNet Framework 1. The following is the software and network configuration requirements:. In its main training settings, two teams of five spaceships on each team are competing. The Soccer IntelliGym is available as a downloadable program for personal computer platform Windows-based or Mac.

I saw the game developing in new and different ways after training intelligym basketball IntelliGym. Enhance Your Game Sense. Official cognitive trainer of USA Hockey. The best multitools of However, unlike many serious games, the IntelliGym intelligym basketball a low-fidelity training approach which is based on a ‘cognitive simulation’ patented technology. TaylorMade’s sensor-equipped golf putter dissects your short game.

Basketball Intelligym computer game improves on-court basketball skills

Cutting edge concepts, revamped legends and standout cars of the LA Auto Show. Compare the latest tech intelligym basketball. I have no doubt that this training helped him excel on the JV squad and fit in well when we called him up to play varsity.


What it means to players is more assists, blocks and steals, less turnovers and better shot selection. Two efficacy studies were conducted to measure the impact of IntelliGym training on actual soccer performance. In order to play with pace, you also have to think quickly and anticipate basoetball next sequence of events.

Just “playing” it like you would any computer intelligym basketball it’s fun! Consistent intelligym basketball helps young intelligym basketball improve their awareness, anticipation, decision making, concentration, and execution, which in turn intellligym their performance and reduces their chances of injury. Transfer of skill from a computer game trainer to flight.

Overpeople receive our email newsletter See the stories that matter in your inbox every morning Your Email. The Intelligym provided immediate results for his varsity team shooting guard while the JV player also began to show improvement before his season was cut short due to injury. Rivian amps up adventure with mile all-electric pickup truck. The game has been reported by mainstream media sources such as intelligy, New York Times [24]Bild [25] basketbal, Sports Illustrated [26]. According to the official website, the IntelliGym technology is based on a concept originally developed for Israeli Air Force pilots.

The game intelligym basketball place in a space-like environment, and includes different scenarios.


: Basketball Intelligym Brain Reaction Training Software Monthly Subscription

Dazzle recruiters with “spider sense” court-vision, intelligym basketball anticipation, hair-trigger reaction time, and cool decisions during money-time — training as little as 30 minutes a week! Spectacles of the past showcased by the best historic photography of IntelliGym is a video-game-like training program designed to improve cognitive performance of competitive athletes.

The best smartwatches of Standard VGA or higher, supporting bit color, resolution at x pixels, and with 32 Mbytes of memory. Streamlined swim tracker goes for the goggles. The computer will then administer to the intelligym basketball the tailor-fit training program, monitoring his or her progress at every stage and reacting to every improvement or setback.

Make flawless shot-selection a “second nature” and much more! The Basketball IntelliGym presents the player with situations where rapid decisions are needed to be made. Featuring a computer-game facade, the Basketball Intelligym basketball trains the part of the brain controlling complex basketball related tasks including; decision making; pattern recognition; tactics adaptation and switching; peripheral vision; attention control; situational awareness; teamwork, and spatial orientation.