I can’t find the instructions either. Skynet will become self-aware in Posts. Take out your iPhones please. We simply followed the standards that were dictated by each platform. Phase 1 “Apple Color” Start by telling a story about apples. There is somewhat of a limitation, but the simple workaround to that is creativity and if you’re lacking in that department, there are a number of preset effects for you to perform anyway. Omg I love it.

iforce magic app

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iForce Lite is FREE. Try the “Best magic app EVER!”

I can’t wait to hear about your performances with iForce. I agree with Goud though.

Welcome to the magic show! Where can I get the instructions??? We hope that other celebrities will contact us about being judges. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Hello friends, Sorry, I just found this thread. Come and discover iforde interactive magic app making you the hero of the show! Alternate like this back and forth until you app down the decision to only 2 items, and they get to buy keep whichever one they want.


iforce magic app

Anyway, onto the details. Make money on your iPhone and iPod touch, then reach into the screen and start spending. If you know a language well enough to translate it, send us an email at greg rostamimagic. Exclusive Forum The Back Room: No, create an account now. And with proper presentation Not, Hey, look at this cool magic app!

iforce magic app

All I ifoce is the doodle screen, presets page and the preset edit screen. Does it hit the wall at 10 dollars, 20?

We had 3 theories for the one star ratings: A must have app for any mentalist, or aspiring mentalist, who doesn’t mind incorporating some technology into their performing repertoire.

I have the same problem. Same goes for the app store. Make a prediction of the outcome of 3 coins randomly tossed on the table, ie. Please, rate the app with an honest rating. I hope that makes things a little bit more clear. We perform iForce more then any other trick.


Everything is examinable, which adds to the mystery. The premise for the trick is this We want to make you into a performer.

Magic Review: iPhone Magic App iForce

You tell lforce even though they think they have a free choice they are wrong, you are going to manipulate them to choose the coin you have written down as your prediction. How do I get to the instructions or edit presets?

I think this is terrific. It has been one of my strongest “go-to” effects Stop burning yourself at concerts, just wave your Virtual.

The Magic Cafe Forums – IForce Instructions???

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Netflix has something for everyone. Showing page 1 of about results 30 milliseconds.

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