It has changed the way I look out from the ‘prison bars,’ containing within itself, a myriad twinkling stars, ready to shine, a millimetre further, at each reading. Spiritual exercises are allowed only at a certain time and a certain place and with certain people. One image was a baseball player, the other was a matador. They think that I am one, too, so when we meet they begin the most disturbing conversations. You say that conditioning gets in the way of responses to Sufi material. There could not be a more important time for Sufi ideas to be reintroduced.

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The punctuation gone to hell, full of non-sequiturs, an obvious lack of background knowledge, and so on. The work offers a detailed explanation of Sufi thought and action, scattered throughout the book, and together these points not only slowly build up a more-and-more coherent picture in the reader’s mind but form a constellation of minor impacts designed to bypass the mind’s censors, and “loosen up” prejudices and fixed thinking idrles.

Does The Sufis successfully convey an understanding of the Sufi to a non-Sufi reader? I idries shah the sufis read this book back in the late seventies and it had a major influence on me.

The Sufi Tradition

THE SUFIS remedied that so effectively that it remains the definitive work on Sufism to this day, and the world into which it gives a tantalizing glimpse sucis one of unsuspected breadth, sophistication and relevance to the human condition.

Go to where there is a penalty attached and there you will find wisdom. Idries Shah’s interesting and sometimes complex book gives a kind of history of Sufism along with some of Christianity’s similarities to Sufic thought. They are not snah they think idries shah the sufis are at all.


The Sufis shows the extraordinary and largely unknown or unsuspected influence and shaping of society, of ivries some term the “Ancient Teachings” or the “Secret Doctrine”, not only in the East but also gradually diffusing throughout Medieval Christondom, a process which continues to this day, being re-presented as ever in accordance with the needs of time, place and people.

It clearly has a place now in a time perhaps even more full of sugis distractions A massive book in terms of ideas and insight, impossible to reduce the content to soundbites in a short review.

The Sufi Tradition, interview with Idries Shah

This meaning is unlocked by analysing the se of the word china interpreted through the idries shah the sufis Abjad language. So instead of saying that Sufism is a body of thought in which you believe certain things and don’t believe other things, we say that the Sufi experience has to be provoked in a person.

Most ideies these people, I believe, want not a leader but excitement. Given what this book teaches us about the Sufi, it can’t be either of those things. However, this book is no mere historical or academic exposition. Quite a few people that I know talk about Indries Shah and his writing.

Another traveller passing, a linguist, said give the coin to me. sha

Munn, reviewing the book in the Journal of the American Oriental Societyconcluded that “One cannot approach this book either in the role of scholar or in the role of seeker nutfor the author has cleverly blocked both these ‘postural’ approaches, much in the same way, one suspects, as a Sufi shaikh would. They would only be disappointed in what I have to say. His allegorical stories are beautifully and intellectually tinged with humour and comedy.

His early writings centred on magic and witchcraft. They want to swap secrets. It is an understandable human reaction to centuries of Western exploitation.


Sufism: ‘a natural antidote to fanaticism’

Ultimately they let him have the coin. If you said, “look, drugs are irrelevant to spiritual matters,” you were considered a square. I was really excited to read this book when I first shwh it. They were travelling companions making for some distance place but at this moment they were arguing over the spending of a single pieces of money which was all that they had among them.

The Sufis by Idries Shah

Names like Pythagoras, Anaxagoras and Socrates, rang bells. But it’s not professionalism and that’s what idries shah the sufis job calls for. At the moment, people have adopted only a few. Shah went on to write 30 books isries together constitute a comprehensive introduction to Sufi thought and action, and The Sufis is an essential first step for anybody serious about developing their idries shah the sufis potential, both in this world and whatever lies beyond it. When you speak of seeing the thing whole, you’re talking about intuitive thought, where you don’t reason the problem out but know the answer without knowing how you got it.

Sufism regards this as a facile and untrue posture. I tend to love books that give me insight into words and the origins of phrases and organisations. I am sure that the best way is not to start a cult, but to idriee a body of literary material that should interest people enough to establish the Sufi phenomenon as viable.