In developing HyperTransport technology, the architects of the technology considered the design goals presented in this section. Reduce power consumption Simplify system design?? Additionally, there are features that allow these ordering rules to be relaxed. Data packets are four to 64 bytes long in four-byte increments. Faster processing leads to faster system performance. Protocol and Transaction Layers The protocol layer includes the commands, the virtual channels in which they run, and the ordering rules that govern their flow.

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All HyperTransport hyperttransport commands, addresses, and data travel in packets. Commands, addresses, and data traveling on a HyperTransport link are double pumpedwhere transfers take place on both the rising and falling edges of the clock signal. It is an hypertransport technology seminar report LVDS technique developed to evolve with the performance of future process technologies. Additionally, there are features that allow these ordering rules to be relaxed.

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These power management signals are used to enter and exit low-power states. This capability makes it possible to create Hyper Transport technology devices that are building blocks capable of spanning a range of platforms and market segments. Devices with asymmetric data paths can also be linked together easily. This is also designed to reduce cost and power requirements because the transceivers are built into the controller chips.

Allow for differing upstream and downstream bandwidth requirements.


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This is designed to help ensure that the Hyper Transport technology standard has a long hypertransport technology seminar report. To achieve scalable bandwidth, the Hyper Transport link permits seamless scalability of both frequency and data width.

Hyper Transport, previously codenamed as Lightning Data Transport LDTprovides the bandwidth and flexibility critical for today’s networking and computing platforms while retaining the fundamental programming model of PCI.

Nodes within a HyperTransport chain may contain multiple hypertransport technology seminar report. Are you interested in any one of this Seminar, Project Topics. Use a common protocol for? During power-up, when RESET is asserted and the Control signal is at logic 0, each device transmits a bit pattern indicating the width of its receiver. While these new technologies quickly exceed the capabilities of today?

Hyper -Transport technology is designed to support up to 32 devices per channel and can mix and match components with different link widths and speeds. Are you interested in this topic. Device Configurations HyperTransport technology creates a packet-based link implemented on two independent, unidirectional sets of signals.

Byte granularity reads and writes are supported with a four-byte mask field preceding the data. These functions are now commonly integrated into core logic products.

Very high-speed digital signals tend to become high frequency radio waves exhibiting the same problematic characteristics of high-frequency analog signals. LVDS has been widely used in these types hypertransport technology seminar report applications because it requires fewer pins and wires.


While these new technologies quickly exceed the capabilities of today’s PCI bus, existing interface functions like MP3 audio, v. It is designed to enable the chips inside of PCs and networking hypertrahsport communications devices to communicate with each other up to 48 times faster than with existing technologies. All bit, bit, and asymmetrically-sized configurations must be deminar by a software initialization step.

Hyper Transport technology provides an extremely fast connection that complements externally visible? Technologies like high-speed networking Gigabit Ethernet, InfiniBand, etc.

A virtual channel contains requests or responses with the same ordering priority. Communications between the HyperTransport host bridge and other HyperTransport technology-enabled devices use the concept of streams. The hodge-podge of buses increases hypertranspprt complexity, adds many transistors devoted to bus arbitration and bridge logic, while delivering less than optimal performance.

A dual-link device that is not a bridge. sfminar

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However, the increase in signal pins is offset by two factors:. As processor speeds rise, so will the need for very fast, high-volume inter-processor data traffic.

The reported frequency capability, combined technoology system-specific information about the board layout and power requirements, is used to determine the frequency to be used for each link.