When exporting a report, Report Builder can now automatically open the report in an appropriate application. Easily transfer and merge study files, no matter which system they were created on. HyperRESEARCH lets you filter based on source file, specific codes used, whether two codes are used for the same segment of source material, and other criteria. Updating from version 2. Need to see where you used this code and that code, but not this other code? This works like a selection in a text source. Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond a mere trivial mention.

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Please enter a valid email address. The application is now automatically made executable during the installation. Include your memos in reports and save them as separate documents.

Researchware – Qualitative Research Software for the Analysis of Qualitative Data

However, the support staff at HyperResearch are very helpful and have hyperresearch software fast and helpful responses to all of my questions. Code text or rectangular selections: Select any piece of data in a source for coding—text, image, audio, video, or PDF. Use your notes and journal entries as source documents and code them for easy retrieval. Hyperresearch software enter your last name. Use the controls to change the coded portion in the way that best works for you: Hyperresearch software works like a selection in an image source.


This page was sogtware edited on 5 Februaryat To see a report in the original layout used in previous versions of the Report Builder, choose the Document option. By default, Autocode finds your search phrase regardless of yhperresearch. When exporting a report, Report Builder can now automatically open the report in an appropriate application. If the PDF contains text, you can select and code any passage of text. Our “zero-footprint” system means you can work on any computer without leaving traces or extra files.


The Report Builder tool now has improved layout capabiity, more sorting options, and the ability to hyperresearch software in new formats. Once you enter your license key, slftware can continue working with the same files; the only thing that changes is that the number of codes, cases, and code references is unlimited with a licensed copy. Views Read Edit View history. Move your work seamlessly between Mac and Windows.

At your desk or to go. You can now control whether Autocode creates duplicate codes by checking or unchecking the Duplicate Codes For Each Occurrence box. This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. Each case can have no hyperresearch software than 50 code references. The Statistics and Code Tree views can be exported in the following formats: We’re here to help!


Track complex code relationships using our inference-based engine. Ready to buy it now? Next, download the free edition and install it.


Go beyond coding and categorizing—use the Theory Builder to frame and test a hypothesis. In addition to finding your search phrase wherever it occurs, you can now restrict the search to only an entire word hyperresesrch wordsthe start of a word, or the end of a word.

PDF content, both text and images, is reportable in a variety of rich content report formats. You can hyperresearch software study files from previous versions in 4. Purchase a license key at our special upgrade price.

Everything needed to complete all of the tutorials is included in the package, with the exception of these supplemental media files used in Tutorial 5, “Working with Graphic, Video, and Audio Source Materials. Matrix view of codes and cases: