It supports most not all current video driver. But as long as we have the roms it can be done. What shaker motor did you go with? Imagine the 3d TV’s coming to market.? We were looking for you yesterday Wizman.

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LOL, hyperpin, Selma came to the forum and was looking for you Really don’t know if that can ever happen. Please check my video response that I made a couple hours ago for this post.

Hyperpin Pinball Machine

They contain the same Hyperpin for real machines. Jukebox Custom Shooter Rod. First, I have never heard of it. Fish Tales Hyperpih – Sound Rom. Hyperpn Stats 58 posts 31 Pinsiders participating Latest reply 6 years hyperpin by gweempose Topic is favorited by 2 Pinsiders.

Did you know Pinside is able to run thanks to donations from our visitors? Solenoids, flashers, thumping sound systems, shaker motors, translight illumination, tilting mechs, customized side art, 3 monitor set-ups, are making hyperpun things super fun. I have a nudge sensor, analog plunger available, working coin door. There should be a way to include a camera hyperpin tracks your head and adjusts the viewing angle accordingly, better preserving the illusion of actual 3D objects on the playfield.


They are time consuming, but not difficult, to build. hyperpin


The rendering angle of the playfield hyperpin not match the viewing angle of your eyes when you’re playing, making the playfield seem flat.

The flippers pretty much work one way all the time and fire hyperpin ball at velocities that seem unrealistic many times. They have it’s actually one guy hyperpim done 1 update in years. So that’s another bonus.

HyperPin – HyperSpin Forum

I use virtual hyperpin as basically “The Sears christmas catalogue of pinball machines”. Hyperpin, no images have been uploaded yet. They do look kinda cool though I’ve never played one of the virtual pins.

I have the tilt sensors, RGB flashers, and soon the shaker motor. One thing you could also do with it is add jukebox hyperpij since they run on a computer. I’ll take real over virtual anytime.

But hyperpin it hyperpin mojo.? Head tracking would be awesome!!!

Hyperpin (pinball) : HyperSpin

It supports most not all current video driver. Firebaall Pinside member Regina, SK 7y 58, 1, 6 9.


I honestly would rather have 10 pins than one hyperpin with 10 tables on it. It doesn’t use the Hyperpin Pinball Engine which is great. Video games can never be like the real thing, but it doesn’t mean they are not fun. Submit a new text post. Hyperpin, now, I have searched here, and know some of you have this machine, and have posted about it here. If you know what you are gyperpin and understand it will never be the REAL thing Real pinball machines are better, but you can never compete with a real pin.

That’s the way I read it HyperSpin submitted 1 year ago by true I do like virtual pinball hyperpin I have future pinball, visual pinball etc on my mame cab.