These would both be wrong, it’s a great blend of both. Sometimes the folkish instruments were undermined by the guitars, but it forms a beautiful pattern of “Folk-Metal-Folk-Metal-FolkSolo-Metal”. The last thing that doesn’t seem to click with me on this record is the repetition of a chord progression that they had on the last album. Then came Everything Remains A masterpiece of folk music that fascinated fans and press alike.

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His voice is very deep and harsh naturally, so when he takes the regular techniques used by others of this genre and similar genreshis natural voice takes a new tone to it that cannot be imitated easily.

Apart from Anna, whose great voice we had already had the opportunity to enjoy in masterpieces as Slania’s Song and Omnosanother thing that can be pointed out is that vocalist Chrigel Glanzmann’s melodic death Anders Friden-like vocal style yeah, it seems so similar to me!

With 17 tracks one of which being a twenty second long breakI actually only liked 5 tracks off the entire album. At best, you’ll love the sound and come to love this band. They include wild solos from unique instruments such as the flute, the violin, and even the hurdy gurdy.

The chorus contains fast pace double bass pedal drumming and aggressive growls as female vocals chant in the background. This odyssey of sorts has a “Proloque” and “Epilogue” – and “Epilogue” helvetios eluveitie, surprisingly, one of my favorites of the album. Helvetios eluveitie, many folk metal bands Eluveitie, Korpiklaani, Fintroll etc.

In the end, the tracks don’t fit together, despite the stated intent to create a concept album. That album and its predecessor, Spirit, were defining points in the history of folk metal.

There is little sense of overall coherence and as such this album sounds like just another collection of songs, rather helvetios eluveitie a true concept album. The cynic in me suggests that the latter of these two helvetios eluveitie intended as a radio-friendly single release, with its catchy, singable vocals, and though it is a decent and reasonably addictive commercial metal song, it’s also the type of song that will grow stale with repeat listens.


Eluveitie – Helvetios – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

The band’s music has also become more diversified, technical and progressive. A good example is a track like “The Uprising”. Eluveitie had two folk metal based albums at their begining, Spirit and Slaniawhere the riffs had folkish influences and melodies, but here that is gone.

Is Eluveitie even trying anymore? Before I begin this review, I want to make an important note. A prologue is heard before ‘Helvetios’ kicks helvetios eluveitie the album with instrumentation and a female named Anna is on vox in the first helvetios eluveitie of the song before Chrigel Glanzmann takes over. After confirming the registration, new subscribers receive a 5 Helvetils coupon for our shop.

Everything came together perfectly–the right story, the right actors, the right tone–making for a film that was so popular it spawned a number of cliches and launched Shyamalan into superstardom. When combined with the exotic instrumentation of folk metal, this usually makes for a unique helvetios eluveitie.

The hekvetios main problem with Helvetios lies in its 59 minute, 12 second length.

At the end of the day, “Helvetios” is another example of Eluveitie deserving their position in the folk metal realm. Helvetios eluveitie was a generic folk metal album with four instrumental breaks. Furthermore, even if all helvetios eluveitie melodeath elements are even more trite, the melodies hlevetios the folk instruments, eluveitir they sometimes seem rather contrived, are generally still cool and well composed just not as well composed as on previous albums.


The album appears to be an exact replica of it’s predecessors san The Arcane Dominionthere is absolutely nothing new to offer here.

More by Eluveitie

I’m hoping after a soft break in their next Evocation II release, Eluveitie will once again show the folk metal community helvetios eluveitie they are the best at what they do. For the type of album eluvektie is and for the amount of variation between the songs, the album is way too long. These bright spots aren’t really enough to make the album worth it, overall, though, and the whole sordid affair is cheesier than a grilled cheese sandwich on Italian-style cheese helvetiks, but doesn’t have the benefit of being fun to listen to like Eluveitie’s earlier work.

To add on to this or to take away, depending on how you perceive itthe drums have also been horribly simplified. In a pure, magical moment, they combined folk metal with melodic death metal so perfectly that it’s never been matched before, or since. This “Helvetios” is undoubtedly a great successor of “Everything Remains as It Never Was”, and it follows the patterns tracked on songs as Thousandfold or Helvetios eluveitiei.

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Meanwhile quick kicks and snares beat up the background and carry heavy distorted guitar along with them. It is a nice, refreshing touch, that it sluveitie narrated from another perspective, helvetios eluveitie its still the same theme. They took lots of wonderful blue-tinted band photographs.