She combines the rich oral traditions of Persia with the rich oral traditions that originated in black, American culture. Rooze Barani Hamed Nikpay. Divaneh Man Fereidoon Foroughi 1. The title track music video for Eshgh-e Sorat, directed by Ahmad Kiarostami, became one of the most-viewed clip on youtube the week of its release. Heif Ft Ashbon PooBon. Kiosk’s fifth album, “Outcome of Negotations” or Natijeh e Mozakerat,” demonstrates the band’s versatility, with song influences ranging from gypsy jazz to Iranian folk to blues to rock. To like your favorite songs, you need to install the MrTehran app.

hamed nikpay gozar

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Beh Koja Hamed Nikpay.

The Garden Of Eden, Setar (Bagh-E Behesht)

Nikpaj Azimi is the leader of the band “Ali Azimi and the Needs,” a Persian rock and alternative rock band with all British musicians. Baghe Behesht Hamed Nikpay. Dialog Dar Dashti Hamed Nikpay. Pioneers of the underground movement of Iran rock music, Kiosk has been praised for their sharp, smart and satirical lyrics that highlight the paradoxes of Iranian society and the incompetent political system.


Vaysa Donya Reza Sadeghi 1. The album was well-received by music critics and fans alike, both inside and outside of Iran. Cheshmat Xbeater Remix Niopay. Divaneh Man Fereidoon Foroughi 1. Ashegham Kardi Hoorosh Band.

Download Album Gozar By Hamed Nikpay | WikiSeda

His style of music is influenced by blues and rock as well as Iranian folk music. Gozad Barani Hamed Nikpay. Vaghti Mikhandi Ehsan Khajeh Amiri. Navayeh Gharb Hamed Nikpay.

The text of her work is mostly from classical and contemporary Persian poetry such as the works by Hafez and Rumi.

hamed nikpay gozar

The player has such features as: Hale Parishan Hamed Nikpay 1. Gozareh Rood Hamed Nikpay. Mimiram Hamed Nikpay 1. Guest appearances by Paul Pazzo Mehling of the Niopay Club of San Francisco and Niipay Namjoo, the legendary Iranian fusion musician, assisted Kiosk to build a richer sound, mixing traditional gypsy elements with modern rock.

No one else does what Farhan does on albums and in concerts: In interviews, he has stated that he strives to use poetic, literary, philosophical and political elements in his music. To Faghat Bash Mazyar Fallahi.


Hamed Nikpay – Kouli – Gozar. She has released materials with her sister Marjan Vahdat.

hamed nikpay gozar

Details Track info not found! Do Panjereh Googoosh 1.

Heif Ft Ashbon PooBon. Begoo Magoo Hamed Nikpay.

Solo Passage (Gozar)

Eile Bakhtiari Hamed Nikpay. Click the button and install the app on your hameed. Kiosk participated in several musical festivals along the way, including a tribute concert to Bob Dylan in LA, wherein they stood as the only non-English speaking band in the line-up. Mahsa Vahdat is a Persian classical and world music vocalist.

Hear, Setar (Beshnou) – Hamed Nikpay | Shazam

Engar Na Engar Ali Yasini. Samae Madyoun Hamed Nikpay. Nazar Deli Mohammad Reza Shajarian 1. She combines the rich oral traditions of Persia with the rich oral traditions that originated in black, American culture.