You also can add your search engine to engine list. I have tried many browser based on Microsoft rendering engine, such as Crazy browser and Maxthon. Here you can see the tabs that you have open. Very very well thought! Best remote desktop tools for Windows. GreenBrowser is least memory occupy browser, it is fastest browser and easy to use browser. GreenBrowser is your best choice of a flexible and powerful green web browser.

greenbrowser 6.3.1221

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You can also modify the speed dial content and format. I will back to the Avant I have been using for several y ear. Terms Terms Privacy Help. You can view tips of mouse gesture in the status bar. If you think our software are good! Drag and drop text into the search button to search directly. Link List Link list dialog greenbrowder all links in page, and you can also filter out the interesting links by greenbgowser name or by URL, and quickly open or copy the selected links.


Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. After use more than 10 browser, I feel GreenBrowser is the fastest browser, the best browser! User reviews about GreenBrowser. Tab bar show all opened pages, tab icon show the state of page, greenbrowsfr example: GreenBrowser is a multiple windows browser based on IE with other powerful features. I didn’t notice further hangups like IE 8.

greenbrowser 6.3.1221

The address bar and search bar are separate for some reason, grdenbrowser they can be quite confusing. GreenBrowser status bar are highly customizable. More reviewed on December 5, A dated web browser. You can customize the toolbar and the information area. Status Bar GreenBrowser’s status bar is highly customizable. The external toolbar also has some commonly used plugins built in.

GreenBrowser free Download

GreenBrowser provides a powerful and comprehensive save function. Click the first button of the status toolbar to open the collector. Very very well thought! But GreenBrowser is just the best of all. In both function and design, the two browsers look very similar.


This means does not contain any malware. You can set custom shortcut keys for most often used functions, such as search engine, plugin, and auto fill form.

After the menu bar is the address and search bar.

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Have you felt that it’s not convenient to use IE? You also can easy to sort save page and manage saved pages. So in general I like this browser.

You acknowledge that you are responsable for the contents of your submission. Page Manager GreenBrowser has a great page manager, and you can easily view and manage last visited, last closed, current visited and current closed pages. You can modify the speed dial content and format.

greenbrowser 6.3.1221

One small detail, you can’t drag the sorted maps and weblinks under favorites to another place or sequence.