I’m starting to feel like I’ve sort of a plugin conflict I think you should get a thread started where people make their own death star. When starting up RB Plugin Plunger f Let me know if it does, Chris 0 Lately you’ve been tan, suspicious for the winter. Smartphone Homescreen builder It supports the standard plugin s: I added some things in there that probably messed with the active selection.

greeble plugin max 2009

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Greeble Bit – Plug-in – ShareCG

You can also enable the render option for increased performance. Google Bot and 20 guests.

greeble plugin max 2009

Greeble This 3D Studio Max plugin lets you add random detail to your projects. Tue Nov 13, Fixed some code that could cause problems when faces would overlap. Let me know of any bugs, or questions and comments or workflow ideas, thanks!

I’m trying a blend map between pure gold shader metal nk and stone diffuse bumpy shader. Tue Mar 03, 3: I like the top one a lot with the color by Z thrown in the mix. And Pibuz, I will make a grid and divide into 10cm boxes and try the script.


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Glad I could help, Chris 0 Lately you’ve been tan, suspicious for the winter. This is a simple, yet innovative 3D Studio Max plugin that lets amx add random 3D shapes and details to your projects, with a positive visual impact. Sorry to bother you Chris Lately you’ve been tan, suspicious for the winter.

Contains builds for Max 7 – When starting up RB Plugin Plunger f Fri Nov 16, 3: In conclusion, Greeble comes across as an efficient graphic plugin that can generate interesting 3D shapes out of regular objects.

Download This script is hosted at http: It works as a percentage: And lastly, maybe could you pm me a copy of the plugin you have installed?

Greeble plugin download, free Greeble plugin download.

Are you using SU 6 or 7? Useful for some applications of the script.

Users browsing this forum: There seems to be something fishy. River plugin ArgoUML office plugin.

greeble plugin max 2009

There is one on the web that says it is in production but that was updated August ’08 Thanks in advance! But if its something more, the error messages in the ruby console will hopefully help me find the problem. One night of calculations. The main purpose is to generate simple, yet fun shapes out of regular objects throughout a basic customization process.


No groups no components nothing at all: This will take all the “roofs” of the greebles and put them into a single group.

Wed Nov 21, 2: BUt I have another thought, it does not work on groups or components. We’ll start with that.

greeble plugin max 2009

Changed some code to make it run smarter, skip certain methods if they were not being executed. SketchUp Training Modelling Services.