Please contact us at info hydromantis. The model also allows modeling biological degradation of organic compounds, nitrification and denitrification. A powerful tool for preliminary design and financial planning of wastewater treatment plants. A full suite of biological models cover all common treatment processes for carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and pH control. Xenobiotic removal efficiencies in wastewater treatment plants:

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All GPS-X TM input and output menus, as well as the new simulation result summaries, can be edited and customized by the user. Modelling of a wastewater treatment plant using GPS-X. Lopez Wastewater Treatment and Sustainability: Through comparison of Figure 1 and Figure 3, dynamically adjusting the flocculent zone settling parameter provides improved fitting to the data.

Brouwer Experiences with computer simulation at two large wastewater treatment plants in northern Poland J. Goel, O Schraa, S.

Each COD fraction has a portion that is non-biodegradable. Visit the Videos page.

gps x hydromantis

Experiences with computer simulation at two large wastewater treatment plants in northern Poland. Successful solution for high nitrogen content wastewater treatment from rendering plants. Comeau Effect of baffles on nitrification in aerated facultative lagoons in a cold climate D.

Andres, Conrad Fox Design, analysis and validation of a simple dynamic model of a submerged membrane bioreactor G. Make wastewater facility design more efficient, and evaluate every option. Our unit costs are carefully researched based on discussions with manufacturers, suppliers, and consultants. Simulation of closed double-sludge retention time anoxic-oxic process in wastewater treatment: Add New Add new rates rows in the matrix or involve additional states columns in the matrix Change Existing Change kinetic equations or stoichiometric relationships Modify Values Modify default values of various parameters.


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Pre-formatted spreadsheet reports can be generated directly from GPS-X, showing all simulation data and images. Videos Check out our latest video: Modeling Fixed Film Processes: Implement Types Implement new biomass or substrate types Inhibit Inhibition of growth in the presence of toxic substance Create Processes Create additional transformation processes that operate independently of existing ones.

Automatic Sensitivity Analysis of Effluent Ammonia vs. Carbon footprint of water reuse and desalination: As presented in Figure 2, the flocculent zone settling parameter in the primary clarifier is adjusted at each 0.

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The position has been filled. Oliver Schraa Hydromantis, Inc. WEF Manual of Practice 34″.

Oliver Schraa is participating in the workshop “Explicitly dealing with uncertainty in WWTP design and operation” on Monday, September, 20th, presenting the talk “What can we learn from other water disciplines? This library contains 32 state variables which are used in gos biochemical and physico-chemical processes. The GPS-X TM on-line tool is a very powerful tool that allows users to continually add in new blocks of data rather then using a static input file.


The comprehensive database of unit processes allows users to easily assemble any treatment plant configuration, enter wastewater characterization data and conduct simulation studies quickly.

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Zhang Case studies in dynamic modelling of large-scale wastewater treatment plants I. Hydromantis is currently offering live, minute, free webinars.

gps x hydromantis

Wastewater treatment modelling in practice: Hydrromantis of permissible industrial pollution load at a municipal wastewater treatment plant. Oliver authored sections on control, optimization, sensitivity and online applications in Chapter 11 “Structured Process Models for Nutrient Removal”.