Removed reference to cclib sources, which are no longer shipped with gausssum. Obsolete in lucid -release on Obsolete in vivid -release on Rewritten for debhelper 7. Fixed build-depends-on-python-dev-with-no-arch-any by replacing python-dev by python. Obsolete in jaunty -release on Obsolete in gutsy -release on

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Point to real location. Obsolete in gutsy -release on Added for quilt-based format 3.

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Obsolete in edgy -release on Superseded in karmic -release on Ggausssum – added XS-Python-Version: Removed obsolete –parallel switch. Click to load comments.

Obsolete in intrepid -release on This is a portable program that can be run gausseum your computer without having to go through installation steps. GaussSum is part of these download collections: Added python3-numpy and temporarily python-numpy. Obsolete in oneiric -release on Use full path according to spec. gausssum 2.2


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Obsolete in lucid -release on Superseded in maverick -release on Superseded in edgy -release on Obsolete in raring -release on Obsolete in saucy -release on Published in xenial -release on Deleted in xenial -proposed Reason: Superseded in gutsy -release on Obsolete in vivid -release on Available diffs diff from 2.

Obsolete in utopic -release on Deleted gausssun cosmic -proposed Reason: Raised to level 9. Make use of python3-setuptools. Obsolete in maverick -release on Deleted in saucy gausssum 2.2 Reason: Adjusted after move to salsa.

Published in bionic -release on Changed to python3 and added python3-setuptools. Obsolete in natty -release on Superseded in hardy -release on Obsolete in jaunty -release on