You must log in or sign up to reply here. It’s an approximation of the apartment building only physics doesn’t work exactly the same way it does in our universe. Your name or email address: At the lab, Walter works alone. He’s been willing to sacrifice his relationship and even his humanity to save the world, so sacrificing Good Walter shouldn’t be a big deal. Jennifer Connelly did it better. He agrees, but still lies to her about the wound on the back of his neck where he inserted the Observer tech.

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She’s not concerned about what he’s doing, but she wants to be included in his grieving process.

Plus, Walter quickly finds that he’s not alone. But then it just ends abruptly. He’s back at her old apartment, watching an old 3D holographic answering finge message of her over and over.

Fringe 5×06 – “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There”

Apr 29, Location: As the episode ends, Peter looks over at Olivia, and the reason he knows kung fu becomes abundantly clear. Fringe 5×06 Style always beats Dragon Style. I see so much of myself in his reactions to losing Etta.


ProcutusNov 10, I actually disagree with Peter here, though. Newer Post Older Post Home. Log in or Sign up. Jun fringe 5×06, Location: ForbinNov 9, We got a good look at the back of his head, though. Mar 15, Location: There’s a radio in the room that wasn’t on the tape. This time, he’s the one who’s holding back on their relationship.

Peter follows Past Walter’s instructions, grabs the hand of the woman he loves, and enters yet another universe.

fringe 5×06

Olivia also finds a clue: Feb 6, Location: She’s lost too much already, though, and she wants to hold onto him as tightly as she can. What I Hated -Some of the effects were a little firnge wonky. In either case, he has no idea why they needed the boy.

At the lab, Walter works alone. Either he didn’t experience the case the same way in this timeline, or fringe 5×06 been wiped from his mind.


Alex Reviews TV: Fringe 5x Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There

Peter manages to calm Walter down by telling him that the Observers would have destroyed the pocket if they’d found it, and the only fringe 5×06 person who knew where it was and how to navigate it was Donald.

Saturday, November 10, Fringe 5x They got a little bit into what’s happening to Walter, but Fringe 5×06 still think it could use a little more fleshing out.

They walk a little further and find a corridor with doors featuring the glyphs that Fringe shows before the commercial breaks; Walter thinks they’re very strange. He didn’t kick them, they just disappeared.

No, create an account now. Peter is still having difficulty coming to grips with Etta’s death. DarthPipesNov 9, The Parnebulum of Norumbega.