Only users who have not restarted their browser 8 days after downloading an update or users who opted out of automatic updates will see this change. Fixed a network issue that prevents some users from seeing the Firefox UI on startup. Code completion and inline documentation added to Scratchpad. Search for partially selected link text from context menu. At first I thought it was simply a problem with Adobe Flash, so tried all the various work-arounds, including reverting back to Flash version

firefox aurora 18.0a2

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Firefox version history

Retrieved April 2, From Softwarecrew Please wait while my feed loads. Remember password prompt changed to non-modal information bar. Bug fix for retrieving and saving passwords. Let us know and we’ll roll it out to more. Retrieved January 10, Improved handling of dynamic styling changes to increase responsiveness. Added a Cause column to the Network Monitor to show what caused each network request. Mozilla made Firefox for bit Linux a priority with the release of Firefox 4labeling it as tier 1 priority.


firefox aurora 18.0a2

Removed and turned off trust bit for some bit root ifrefox. Page Source now has line numbers. Setting available via Sync Preferences. Integration of generational garbage collection.

AuroraFox | Reviews | MacUpdate

Retrieved April 27, Moved the mobile bookmarks folder to the main bookmarks menu for easier access. Retrieved January 5, Fix for a startup crash issue caused by Frefox. Ability to filter styles from their property names in the rules view. Displays the number of found items in the find toolbar. Fixed excessive resource usage from the captive portal detection service.

CSS viewport-percentage length units implemented vh, vw, vmin and vmax. Access the Firefox Marketplace from the Tools menu and optional toolbar button. Improved protection against site impersonation via OneCRL centralized certificate revocation. The WebSocket protocol has been updated from version 7 to version 8. Fix for a regression when using the location bar. Added support for HTML5 context menus. RSS Feed Please wait while my feed loads.


Network requests can be exported in HAR format.

firefox aurora 18.0a2

Fixed a web compatibility issue with Array. Retrieved May 12, Improved performance on Windows systems without hardware acceleration. Improved tools for controlling private data, including Arora Browsing Mode. Loading the URL about: Retrieved November 18, New layout view added to Inspector.