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fatima zehra ka bhara ghar luta

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Zaigham Abbas Haider Central Idea: How valuable are the tears that we shed in the name of Imam Hussain as?

Thus we washed her together, and the Commander of the Faithful prayed over her along with Hasan a. Ink Of Imaan Production: Fatima zehra ka bhara ghar luta.


Fatima Zehra Ka Bhara Ghar Luta

Connect with Nadeem Sarwar: Ali Muhammad Rizvi Sachay late Poetry by: Fatima zehra ka bhara ghar luta kat gya shabbir ka sukha gala Heart Of The Ocean 2 months ago. The first view is unlikely, while the two other views are nearer to the truth.

Baba raat ho gai Ali Jee New Noha best noha ali jee new ali jee Royall Records does not take any responsibility if your website, channel or social media is shutdown due to our copyright take down Connect with Nadeem Sarwar: Zaigham Abbas Haider Release: Anjuman Hussaini Budhana uploaded Noha: And also because, The Lady Fatimah Al-Zahra, not like all the other women in the world, she had been blessed of not having the monthly menstrual period.

Hit me up on social media! They prayed over her in the night, and in accordance with her own will ‘Ali the Commander of the Faithful buried her in secret. Shahadat Bibi Fatima Zahra s.

fatima zehra ka bhara ghar luta

Nadeem Sarwar Marsiya Writer: Hussain Al Ghareeb, Ali Safdar Sachay Nohay-ghar fatema zehra ka. Maqtal ki Zameen Bhaa Gayi, Abbas a.

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How has he been your strength in times of difficulty. He is angered; whenever Fatimah is angered! Because of her absolute Purity attained from Paradise from The Heavens.


Noha – Ya Fatima Zahra s. Surely the name of Hussain makes miracles happen! Sham ko qaidi – Noha. Connect with Ali Jee: The Holy Prophet her Father pbuh loved her very much Whenever she would go to the house of her father The Holy Prophet pbuh would stand up out of respect to her.

Bhara ghar H My friends 4 months ago.

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Syeda Farwa Jonpuri Release: Whenever he greeted her, and he would honour her by giving her a special place to seat herself in his house. Yea Zakhm apnay seenay pay khanay mai ai hu Lashay pay teray askh bahanay mai aii hu Recited by Ali Charania. Rang r Bharaghar seriel khanat kara abhinoyor eti muhurta Apu Anirudha 8 months ago.

A heartbreaking Noha – Sham ka hosh na hai, fikre sahar Zainab sa ko, Yaad aata hai bharaa eik bhai ka sar Zainab ko.

fatima zehra ka bhara ghar luta