Every choice is being discussed with this in mind providing fantastic guidelines so as to avoid the common pitfalls of web programming. What You Will Learn Design better performing, more usable, and more scalable web applications that are easier to maintain using WaveMaker Studio Understand both the big picture and the file-by-file assembly of a WaveMaker application and the WaveMaker framework Rapidly generate forms, data models, and services from existing relational databases and web services Customize the generated application and add complex custom features using standard technologies including CSS, JavaScript, and Java Diagnose and debug problems in applications using the Chrome developer tools and the Eclipse debugger Secure applications by developing an understanding of how security is applied and leverage that understanding to be confident in the results Understand the deployment options and requirements for WaveMaker applications, from the desktop to the cloud Access and leverage the underlying Dojo Toolkit and Spring Framework to build custom solutions to enterprise problems. News Become a contributor. It gives an unvaluable insight of the Open Source studio – the one using dojo Is it as easy as the claims? This book is also good for developers looking to use WaveMaker as a tool to build quickly build AJAX browser clients to their web and Java services using the Spring Framework. Digging into the Architecture.

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And how easy is easy wavemamer. Any ideas on effective software to assist me on my trek? Edward Callahan July We just experienced a staff reduction and I don’t even know where to start. If you’re already a member, log in.


Easy Web Development with WaveMaker – PDF eBook | Now just $5

However, the studio can be found on github Under cloudjee and it still works well at least on Linux with jdk7. This book examines every angle of using WaveMaker to build applications, from dissecting examples to customizing, deploying, and debugging your own applications.

Customizing the User Interface with JavaScript. I’m trying to find out if Wavemaker would work for our website. No specific technical knowledge is assumed. A collection of practical self-contained recipes that all users of the technology will find useful for building more powerful and reliable systems.

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Learning Python Application Development. The samples I saw were just simplistic front ends to existing relational databases so the hard work had already been doneand I found that error trapping was weak.

Wavemaker for easy web development

I snicker everytime someone asks for it. Within that nine step program I did not see a single word dedicated to admitting you have a problem, dealing with project managers, gathering specs for the four billionth time, going over revisions requested by the customer, explaining why they can’t have revelopment yesterday, making sure it works on every browser under the sun, deveopment for mobile devices, etc.

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Follow me on Twitter: If you’d like to participate, join us. Posted by drcrist on 10 Sep Common terms and phrases alert autoUpdate bean binding browser button canvas Chapter client client-side Cloud Foundry configuration console container create custom Java services custpurchaseDB data model data value database service dataset debug defined dependency wavemamer deploy deployment dev. Whether you need a departmental business application or a form application for your weekend club, this book will show you how to design, develop, and deploy professional grade web applications with WaveMaker.


Getting Started with WaveMaker. Easy Web Development with Wavemaker. Uniquely amongst the major publishers, eaay seek to develop and publish the broadest range of learning and easy web development with wavemaker products on each technology. Megan Keane Follow me on Twitter: You don’t want to be on the streets among those drivers, and you probably do not want to surf websites built by people on a nine step program, either!

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Easy Web Development with Wity will help you use WaveMaker to design, develop, and deploy rich, responsive web applications, even if you are not a programmer. He led the formation of the WaveMaker developer community and has written countless forum posts, examples, and wiki articles about its development. Posted by tclaremont on 9 Sep 7: Title added to cart.

This book is also good for developers looking to use WaveMaker as a tool to build quickly build AJAX browser clients to their web and Java services using the Spring Framework. Learn Python in 7 Days. Get in, start it, and drop it into drive