Autocad Autodesk bought them out and destroyed them. It is a diagramming package that is fast and easy and allows you to create good looking drawings without a steep learning curve. Dimensions are not associative, so you have to alter them if you alter the geometry. It does work on Windows 7, but you have click a few extra buttons to launch it. The fastest way for people used to drafting to get into CAD is to imitate on the computer the kind of tools and procedures that are used to using in manual drafting. Walls for example are designed, drawn and dimensioned with reference to one side or the other. If you get to this situation, Resizing dimensions should always relate to the dimension, not the arrows!


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FloorPlan 3D Design Suite. Walls for example are designed, drawn and dimensioned with reference to one side or the other.

Drafix Professional CAD

Symbol libraries are accessible through floating toolbars and would save a lot of drawing time. If you do, please drwfix the solution here. Even if this was valuable, it is unlikely that the method of drawing them would be. Dimenion appearance is also easily controlled.

Computerising any task achieves monster productivity gains where tasks can be automated. Dimensions are not associative, so you have to alter them if you alter the geometry.


Drafix | Zebra Pen

Windows 7 does not support Drafix. See the foot of the article for alternative recommendations. While it is fast and dracix to create drawings with QuickCAD, I did not find it fast and easy to design and draft with the precision and flexibility that expected to find. Tony Kelley November 5, at There are only three libraries provided with QuickCAD; one each for architecture, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

I just wish I could find another Cad program that runs on darfix Win that is half as good. The drawing grid and snap reference are useful tools, but their use is limited because they relate to the drawing page, not to the drawing origin or even to the printable area on the drawing page.

Therefore Drafix does not appear to have a rosy future. QuickCAD is well presented and well documented and includes some of the facilities and functions found in higher level CAD packages. David Hayes June 26, at 5: Dimensions can be resized like any other enitity, but not always as efficiently.

Some of the symbols may need adjusting to suit requirements, but this is easily done. It does not Work for OLE in power point. Macros crafix Drafix must be edited in the Macro Editor inside the program.

Jeff Dubs September 4, at 4: The range of functions and access to the drawing database is excellent. Let me know if this will help Guenther.


Drawings imported OK, with layers and line colours intact. Sorry guys, no longer for sale, no upgrades available and no way of converting Drafix files to another format. The sensitivity dfafix the selection cursor is such that sometimes being right on a line will not select it, but having the cursor the right distance away from it not even touching will select it.



In some instances dimensional text was drawn incorrectly and in another case a drawing refused to load, rapidly presenting a couple of error messages as it crashed QuickCAD altogether. There is no symbol library containing title blocks, borders, and other drawing symbology that is used on practically every drawing would be useful. If you are interested in fast, simple drawings then take aa look at SmartDraw.

Heavy Duty Righthand Drive Conversions Aussie vehicle conversion specialist in the low-volume automotive manufacturing. Rob Preston June 5, at 9: Symbol Library Symbol libraries are one of the greatest productivity aids of all time. Trying to select entities to manipulate is difficult as discussing in Dimensioning above and reconfiguring display and dimensional settings seems universally required.