Random Skill get any four random skills to your hero. Please update realm server adress: Description 2,, Current Subscribers. Hook units in front of hero. Latest dota ai 6.

dota map 79c ai

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If you can’t see the map in the list when creating, it is probably because the path of the map is too long.

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English dota imba download 3. Only happens on 1. Ai dota imba 3. Latest dota ai zi. You can download a particular map. Download DotA Imba Legend vw3x.

No, create an account now. Leaked map beta version 6.

Glad to see these threads coming back. WarCraft 3 Map; Size: Dota IMBA is the answer to the question: Dota IMBA is a custom game played on a regular Dota 2 map, with 10, 12, or 20 players in a variety of maps and game si.

DotA Official Map [Archive] – NusaReborn

Here is the latest version of the DotA Imba 3. Is there anything else you would like to add? Free dota imba map 3.


dota map 79c ai

Do you dota lovers? DotA – ImbA v3. I would say that its main objective is to destroy the enemy base to achieve victory, but to achieve a good strategy needed otherwise your team w.

dota map 79c ai

Dota dota imba ai map free latest dota ak map 6. Blood Meat Hook — Active effect: Posted by Kim Ngan on PM dota ai, dota map else you would like to add? Im open the IM model IM version of the map will want to play the selected mode. Please update realm server adress: Hello and welcome to the brand new home for Dita I joined a game with this map and some1 asked “host do you know what u have to type for mode” and the mode was loke 1 mile long so if u know can u pls write it?

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Ported to latest version of DotA. I created my playdota account just to download those maps You must install the latest Warcraft 3 patch version 1. You can share by comment below.


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DotA Imba Legends v upd. Whether it be through adding new properties to existing abilities and items or creating these anew, Dota IMBA tries to balance heroes ,ap items by.

dota map 79c ai

Among the changes are Fire Phoenix hero icon is now changed. Blood Meat Hook Active effect: