Either one of them can somehow be improved. That’s why this page is created! Axl TBC January 30, at 2: Anonymous November 30, at 8: Check also DotA 6.

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And people will need the DotA 6. Anonymous October 19, at AI is much better than a pro allshars, to make a playable AI.

DotA c Map Download and Changelogs [Official] | Dota-Utilities

Hey icefrog please remove murloc’s ult passive it is too imba not to mention his 3rd skill passive. Anonymous August 12, at Anonymous June 3, at 6: Is Bugs for “-nn no necronomicon ” still exist?

D Zaidi December 11, at 6: Subscribe Get the latest updates by email: And doesn’t last long in Battles. Anonymous February 3, at 1: Juz stfu sll of u shit doggie Anonymous August 17, at 7: Anonymous June 23, at Anonymous September 24, at 3: Anonymous October 21, at 5: Anonymous June 6, at 7: Puro dafa ginagawa nyo mga pukinang ina nyo!


Dota c Map Download (Get Dota Map)

Anonymous June 6, at 1: I bet you have someone to translate them when u play dota. Andri Setiawan September 30, at 2: Americans know so many strategies, but they can’t apply it in the game. It cannot work in some previous map.

Anonymous December 2, at 3: Anonymous November 9, at 8: Vaden AG February 24, at 9: Very very very hard to kill, especially for skill users like Tinker, Zeus, Akasha, etc. Azwraith – immediately produces two illusions when attacked by a skill 4. Jear Comaje January 29, at 1: Anonymous September 29, at 7: Fix your fucking grammar first. Anonymous September 25, at 7: Please do reduce it even for a bit.

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Thnx for reading that: Check also DotA 6. Kindly pm me via facbook. Asim Alban Soy September 24, at 1: