He shoud hold the flag up if the ball is outside or a player stands in the offside. This give a lot of potental to the game itself, becoze modding is life for games! Log in to SK Gaming. Hope you can make this game as close to real football as possible. Gheorghe Bucur , Florin Costea Well, surely Russian Premier Liga and second division! If your talking about fifa 08, then i would like to see more ethusiastic crowd, and absoulutly different SFX, the sound is always the SAME!

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Depending of the players of the cover, put some videos of them with magic goals or something. We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

All the summer transfers actualized. Why not also some tifos additions if a team is used to that. You know that the transfer period ends in August 31th, you can wait until this date to actualize the game. Retrieved 11 June Unlimited editable players, I think that 40 editable players is a poor quantity Also some stadiums like Azadi in Iran and Olympico in Italy.

Teams promoted from Liga II at the beginning of the season. Archived from divizia a fifa 2008 original on 26 June I want to see Training Mode and some stats to do, like: I would like to see Champion of Africa: Archived from the original on 19 June Also, please bring back the directed free kick screen because the new version where theres no aiming mechanism is a useless waste of time. Clubs by number of titles Current managers Champions Venues Listed by capacity Foreign players international current all time History Records.


After finishing the qualifiers with great success, Jannik ” Era ” Huber and Joshua ‘ Kr0ne ‘ Begehr took a piece of their spare time and gave some statements: Please also do not submit any ideas, suggestions or comments regarding the subjects to our Voting Polls.

Really, brasilian players from divizia a fifa 2008 league like Wagner Love and Daniel Carvalho, for example are playing in Brasil National; 4 russian teams are playing in euro-cups, and now its one of the most powerful leagues in Europe, except 5-top-leagues and some other, like Portugal. FIFA peru en el alma.

2008–09 Liga I

But this is not wrong. What are the bugs in FIFA 07?

Add videos of tricks, dribbling, goals and saves! How FIFA could be more realistic? Which features should FIFA 08 have? Only applicable when the season is not finished: Log in to SK Gaming.

Your Ideas for FIFA 08

Es ist tschechisch Fussball League … Danke! And of course its not fair, but… eh… let it be one of modes that turned-off in default. More stats in Manager Mode, like top scores q other leagues, standings and other things. Court of Arbitration for Sports. Add secret national teams like Woman, a ha, or classic Brasil and Franceadd classic players!


Divizia a liga 1 burger pt fifa download – Google Docs

Maybe with the setup that the World Cup game has, which is different than the fifa 06, and it seems fifa 07 is the same according to the demo database. Dinamo – Universitatea Craiova ” in Romanian. Also Concacaf Champions cup, or maybe the Champions cup of any region, all in manager fia. Retrieved 2 June According to all the Pro Evo crowd, that the gameplay for that game is much better.

Watch our latest Mirza Jahic tips, this time, he’ll guide throug.