We also embrace you as our own even though we embarrass you. I do have a theatrical background, though, and the song that you saw happens to be my second one. These people does not pay tax as we do. Why, why and why there are no urgent solution and attention to those issues? Teekay April 26, at 9: Golden shirimani April 28, at 4: They do not open employment opportunities within those communities, they either run those shops for themselves or employers other foreigners whom they pay them low wages.

dineo ranaka survive

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Sandile Mathenjwa mnothoh April dimeo, at 5: When can we expect the CD to hit the shelves? You are aurvive using your Twitter account. The song is more into the house genre. Latest Posts By polotikinews I had a very emotional relationship with radio and having to leave it to focus on other things was very scary for me. Now we cannot be brainwashed by certain individuals with hidden agendas, and some with investments to those foreign countries which benefits only them and their families, to say they have helped us during apartheid.

Survive by dineo ranaka

Did surgive perhaps bothered to find out the reasons why the was the attacks in KZN? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Once you were far away from God, but now you have been brought near to him through the blood of Christ. Babes Wodumo is still mine – Mampintsha.


Sowetan caught up with the petite firebrand entertainer to unveil details of her next chapter as she anticipates taking on motherhood for the second time and the music scene: Ouagadougou April 27, at 6: Your urgent personally responded to a letter from Mia Couto, Mozambican writer and poet which came three weeks after, but none of our leader have consulted and responded to people from Soweto, Umlazi, Alex ect, or even to listen to their genuine demands is pathetic.

She is seeing a non South African man, and imagines she is now the minister of international relations. When china nationals opens a shop, they import everything from china they do not sell South African products.

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Petite Ranaka stringing a music note? Really now?

I have ranaak with Club for two years now and will be back on the show early next year. Comments Author Details Join the conversation! These people does not pay tax as we do. Why illegal immigrants are getting such a special attention from our leaders as compared to us South Africans.

dineo ranaka survive

We are the ones who witness their dirty tactics. We have also South Africans businesses outside South African, with their very strict laws of doing businesses in their countries, our own business people do comply with their law, including paying very huge tax. My parents and the crew at Club demanded that I take some time off.

South Africa surive to all who live in it.

Dineo Ranaka Survive | Dirty All Stars

Are we really not important compared to foreigners nationals? They have used all sort of media to protect foreigners. In what sense are their improving our economy if they are taking what our musician hope to survive with?


dineo ranaka survive

So now in our own country, by our own leaders we are treated this way? It is so sad that there is not much that we can do. We have recently insisted that we want economic freedom, what for?

This is the daily experience and reality we are living into on the daily basic as South Africans in townships, rural and urban areas. Sis Dineo survkve am also highly disturbed by the recent xenophobic attacks. Shame the ubunti that we used to pride ourself in has vanished into thin air.

WATCH: Dineo Ranaka’s New Music Video ‘Survive’

Because this has stunts careers, stifles talent and eats away at the ability of composers and recording artists to continue making the great music that is the soundtrack to our lives. But right now I am just playing around with different sounds.

I have made a collaboration between my fashion label Love DR with Plum for a ladies shoe line which will be coming out next year skrvive Winter.