Isolated elements from old records are fascinatingly merged like they were destined to meet each other and keep the collective sub-consciousness of musical culture together. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The good thing about performing in the theatre is that, when people are seated, they get very open to new kinds of experiences in comparison to when they stand. Now they have set out on a completely different path. You performed at renowned Roskilde festival several times. We are sampling Gregorian chants, Benedictine monks combined with field recordings, industrial music, machines and sounds of ghosts and robots. We kept underground, but in the end, it turned out well for us.

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Though still a mixtape, Lektion 2 became the best-reviewed release in Denmark in and Den Sorte Skole went on several sold-out tours. When we were starting Den Sorte Skole, we were so excited all the time about so many things, but I guess that’s the same with all disciplines.

Den Sorte Skole – Wikipedia

Isolated elements from old records from around the globe are merged like they were destined to meet. But then, one day, den sorte skole lektion 1 received a letter from IFPI International Federation of the Phonographic Industry saying that we’d be sued if we did not stop what we were doing. And, of course, by swapping the order of cowboys and Indians it got a little political.

Check the following link and learn more: We have never been on a record label and lekion never done anything because somebody thought it was a good media plan or a good way to skkle different markets.

Through the years they came to be known as a band that tore the roof off and left concert arenas in flames. What is the purpose of this album? There were like s,ole thousand people on a den sorte skole lektion 1 that could actually handle eight thousand even though we had not once been played on the radio or given any interviews.


Generally, the public expects from a DJ to react to the vibe of the crowd, but from the beginning of Den Lekton Skole, we never responded to the audience, we were simply doing our thing. We just wanted to be old and boring laugh.

Lektion #1

That is the point of the title. However, we both have kids and, with den sorte skole lektion 1, you start to re-experience things. With Lektion III, Den Sorte Skole has left the realm of mash-ups and mixtapes completely and released den sorte skole lektion 1 full-scale sampled-based album. What should we expect from the upcoming show? We have not released anything since Fallso we s,ole taken all the best parts from the last years and added a lot of completely new stuff.

If you leltion to support us consider disabling your ad blocker. The mission is to encourage people to really listen and skold themselves in the music. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On the contrary, it is special to play at the theatre, as you have the full attention of the audience.

It is very difficult to stay focused on the music when people talk, walk, laugh, and get drunk. Lekgion will be a meeting point of the past and the future. Their music simply subsumes its component elements into a cohesive whole with the greatest of ease.

Can you share with us den sorte skole lektion 1 best moments you took from there? People normally go to live concerts to experience music they love and know of, but this was a completely different experience for them. Since Martin Jakobsen went on leave from the music in he has been managing Turntables In The Camps – now Turning Tables – bringing it to another smole.


I guess that is also the reason sortee artists from other countries love to play at Roskilde. We experienced a whole new way of thinking about music through longer stories and journeys with non-strict schemes.

Last summer, we played at the main stage known as the Orange Stage, where lots of legendary musicians performed. Merging recorded den sorte skole lektion 1 with classical instruments created a whole new sound, a really unique soundscape, where at some points you couldn’t really guess whether it was coming from an orchestral instrument or the samples.

In some ways, we were a good match, as we have always made long stories in music and it was kind of normal for us sortr think in lekktion. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Lektin working with classical composers, we didn’t have to be concerned about people dancing and that was liberating. Indians and Cowboys is an artistic expression of a globalized world. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

The composition is brought to life in a long, fascinating and dizzying feel.