State what solutions you have tried. Make sure that you run the game as an administrator. Please buy original, and comply with relevant laws and copyright treaties. New Zealand – English. DLL from your game folder. Register a new account.

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Posted October 25, The software you are installing has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with this version of Windows. Posted November 1, Already have an account? I will immediately be removed!

Posted October 28, Thanks man your always coming through thanks for info again sorry for late reply I was at work and got home just now.

Post your system d3dx9 31.dll gta 4. Explain any circumstances surrounding the problem.

But i don’t know d3fx9 that happened but lcpdfr works normally but the bad thing is that i can’t install any plugins. South Africa – English.

How to download d3dx9_dll and fix Sims 3 or GTA 4 error | IT Services and Support NYC

Do not file for commercial profit and illicit purposes. Posted August 28, Go through ineseri’s checklist and answer them, it’ll give us more information about your issue. Posted October 25, edited. United States – English.


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d3dx9_dll free download | DLL‑

Use the Web to ask a question, to contact Microsoft Customer Support Services, or to provide feedback. In some cases, your issue is resolved after following the above steps. DLL [System dependencies] Checking dependencies bit required: DLL [System dependencies] Resolved dbghelp.

Posted October 30, Include as much information as possible. This includes car and script mods.

Game Error: “The file d3dx9_xx.DLL was not found”

Note In this path, Drive represents the drive letter of the drive on which the game d3rx9 installed, and Game Title represents the game that you want to repair. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Posted August 30, Where should i extract the files?

This Web site provides the following services: Yea that’s what it says but it starts 31.vll like 10 mins or so not after a long time if that was the case I wouldn’t mind that much but what is the code to start lcpdfr again in game. Why 31.dlll that a problem? Hello, next time please use the search bar as this has been asked a couple of times already.


United Kingdom – English.

Download D3dx9_31.dll For GTA 4 | Fix Dll Files Missing On Windows And Games

31.dkl In Sign Up. Please note that failure to follow these instructions may cause this thread to be closed. Please buy original, and comply with relevant laws and copyright treaties. Is also possible that your registry errors.