The method also allows for keyword variation. They are also able to monitor the status of invoices in real-time. Trapeze for Forms Processing’s superior accuracy and validation ensures data is extracted properly the first time, every time. A process that was previously handled by several employees can now be completed more effectively in a fraction of the time. This procedure is expensive, time consuming, and error-prone.

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The redaction module reads an entire database of phrases that can have one or more words. Automating an accounts cvisioj system can positively impact an organization’s bottom line.

CVISION Releases Trapeze for Invoice Processing 4.0

These figures can be scaled up or down based on volume. Trapeze Enterprise edition is specifically designed for large organizations needing an industrial strength solution.

Trapeze for Forms Processing differentiates itself by being a powerful, industrial strength, yet very easy to use software solution for automated forms processing. With the Trapeze Administrator Dashboard, users can keep track of all document activity and add additional document types.

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This evaluation copy is fully functional and provides potential customers with a better understanding of how the software can automate their accounts payable department and benefit their business. With Trapeze for Forms Processing, images are deskewed and despeckled for enhanced document quality. Trapeze for Invoice Processing allows organizations to process invoices cvision trapeze AP documents, regardless of their source, format or location.

Reduce Manual Entry Costs: If you continue to use this site we will assume that you agree with it. By accurately paying invoices cvision trapeze, organizations can improve relationships with vendors creating leverage to negotiate better prices or terms.


CVISION’s unparalleled data extraction knowledge base allows organizations to leverage more than 50, vendor invoices to reduce manual correction from day one. Realize a Measurable ROI with Automation Introducing a tool to automatically extract information can improve the accuracy and speed of invoice processing, while reducing the overhead costs of accounts payable.

News distributed by PR Newswire iReach: The method also allows for keyword variation. This cost-effective redaction solution is robust enough to deliver near-perfect accuracy rates on extremely large quantities of data. Trapeze for Invoice Processing optimizes the accounts payable department and allows organizations of any cvision trapeze to realize a tangible ROI within a short period cvision trapeze time.

The known keywords are only used as a point of reference to the redacted zone and are not themselves redacted. CVISION has an internal data extraction knowledge base of several thousand form types to reduce manual form setup and correction from day one. Key Phrase or Dictionary Redaction This type of redaction is useful when the phrases to be redacted are known by the user.

Data extracted from invoices can be integrated through desired specifications. Most organizations do not consider the time and expense associated with correcting and monitoring a poor performing form processing system. Automating the accounts payable process can dramatically reduce the costs associated with manually entering invoices. This allows other employees to re-focus on more value-added tasks, producing a concrete, measurable ROI.


Pricing, features and key details about every solution in our database can be found by browsing our cvision trapeze specifications.

Trapeze for Redaction ensures PCI compliance by both redacting and completely eliminating the underlying data on sensitive documents. Users can process a high volume of invoices and accounts payable related documents per day. For cvision trapeze, the redaction module can search for social security number using the following keywords: With Trapeze for automated accounts payable, organizations can start taking advantage cvision trapeze early pay discounts.

Introducing a tool to automatically extract trapezf can improve the accuracy and speed of invoice processing, while reducing the overhead costs of cvisoon payable. Manually removing social security numbers, credit card numbers, and other information can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and riddled with human error.

Our Trapeze software supports a wide spectrum of image processing cvision trapeze including auto-rotation, auto color inversion, auto-cropping, and color re-sampling. Organizations can also streamline invoice matching and validation to reduce manual steps and errors. All these factors add up to savings which quickly cover the cost of implementing an automated solution. Trapeze enables organizations to dynamically increase data extraction accuracy through our auto-templation and advanced machine learning technology.

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