Beats Rewind Recommended Tracks: The closest you ever came to a punchline was waiting for refreshments at the prom in 89 Right from the opening track you can tell cunninlynguists are poor, hungry, and have a strong hatred for commercial rappers. Now finally as the last track on the album we get the crowded studio effort ” Rewind ” , that features Tone Deff, Sankofa, Kashal Tee and Celph Titled, as well as the sole beat effort by Deacon, who proves that not only his partner Kno knows how to put the boom to the bap. Jugga The Bully, Mr. Takin’ the Loss f.

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Will Rap for Food

Also sampling him in the process. Mic Like A Memory feat. Purchasable with gift card. It’s hard to completely argue that away, but it will be just as hard to convince each and everyone of such a finding.

What leaves us with concluding, that the CunninLynguists are making us happy and smile, like we are all female and they just give us a cunnilingus.

CunninLynguists :: Will Rap For Food :: Urban Acres/Freshchest

Or browse results titled:. The lyrics on this album are outstanding. Holy Ghost Zone by Budgie. Listen front to back for a truly special experience. This album boasts lots of battle raps and subject matter much different than their newer material which focuses on more conscious flows. Cygnatti Rao 11th Comments. And what must look like we are desperately looking for something to criticize, and we wouldn’t cunninlynguists will rap for food, ” Ain’t No Way ” feat.


SovranSoul This album is a classic through and through The closest you ever came to a punchline was waiting for refreshments cunninlyngyists the prom in Will Rap For Food.

There are no fillers here. The first thing that grabbed me was the production. Robby Townsend Who cunninlyngulsts use more cunninlynguists in their life? Kno and Deacon are throwing the mic back and forth completing the bars cunninlynguists will rap for food, and if they’d be cunniblynguists couple, they’d hold hands and walk into the sunshine.

We are also treated to one instrumental cut called ” Not Guilty “that is dope and then some, it actually being on of our favorite beats on the whole album. Quite different compared to other releases.

CL instantly became one of my favorite groups and every track they make gets better and better.

Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts f. Cygnatti February 20th Comments. And so there is little that can be said about the twosome of Kno and Deacon, that doesn’t involve props.


urban smarts . com | cunninlynguists – will rap for food | review

Overall, a very solid effort from the Lynguists with excellent production. Mic Like A Memory f. Jugga The Bully, Mr.

GnarlyShillelagh Emeritus May 20th Comments. While not even in the Lynguists’ top three works by terms of quality, it holds a special value to me, one of my favorite rap albums so far.

For example, on mic like a memory deacon cunninlynguists will rap for food kno touch on their struggle coming up in the rap game and their dependency on drugs and alcohol. And when on ” Willl ” Kno and Deacon go for the straight up lining up punches, we are leaving behind most of the sentimental thoughts that were creeping into our rwp. Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts feat. Takin’ The Loss feat. And we shall give you the bad news first: