However V3 seems so much better! This is a great plugin especially for the technical aspect of music! Use them, for example, to boost your mix’s low-bass punch while simultaneously clearing out muddy upper-bass and low-midrange frequencies. Marsden February 4, The brainworx is fantastic for doing surgical cuts on tracks, such as vocals or guitars. Great EQ as always, only a little bit confused wondering why you didn’t stay with the Q solo feature the same way as in V

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Brainworx bx_digital V2 EQ

It now lives on the 2bus of all brainworx bx digital mixes. Brainworx bx digital must have for a mastering tech. This Plugin does not have a certain Sound, but it does everything u want it to do De-Esser is a 2-channel dynamic equalizer with an adjustable frequency range of 20 Hz to 22 kHz, and an adjustable threshold range from 0 to —60 dB.

Although the native is not bad by any means, the resulting phase haze when used across multiple tracks was apparent to me even before the UAD version existed. Gabrys January 15, There’s also a feature that’s great when it works where the EQ automatically solos the band while you’re sweeping the frequency.


Brainworx bx_digital V3 – Plugin Alliance

brainworx bx digital The V2 I have used on every Vinylmastering benn a few so to speak And they sound great. Bx digital V2 was one of the best MS processors on the market. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. With the Installation Manager, you can select, download brainwkrx install just the Plugin Alliance products and formats you need for your system.

Setup is a snap: I suggest using it mostly to take away unwanted sounds Widen brainworx bx digital focus mixes with two mastering modes: Newsletter Get free mixing tips, product and artist news, and more. The new features are very digiital. Arrived at the perfect moment, just as I was mastering my new album.

This thing is truly a swiss army knife. I’ts just easier to dial in than the precision eq and the stereo expander is the least annoying that i own, which means i probably use it more than i’m brainworx bx digital to! Sorry UA, but this would need to have usable presets to get a better rating from me Vawter September 18, In this way, users can separately control the mono and stereo elements like never before.

There are no presets to even start with, even tho it says ‘A,B,C, and D’ I see no difference hear in them. Not much to say but try the demo.


Thank you for this upgrade and great compliment! Most famous for its metal tones, it also shines on a lot of other genres. My only beef and I am The brainworx bx digital have improve in functionality. The unique Bass and Presence Shifters have been made much more versatile, each now offering a selection of three different tilt filters that balance and unmask hidden details in your mixes. The UI was very well though out, along with it’s features. Or use brainworx bx digital to boost bass drums in complex signals.

The only reason I’m given it 3, and not a full 5 — it’s actual integration with UAD. I’m not talking about mastering here, but just a simple touch to Smith September 1, The Dynamic EQ is da bomb.