Hello, I found my way to your blog while reading FO Friday posts. Corrie’s blog about fibre crafts, followed by whatever other creative pursuits take my fancy. Did we need a post of the above picture The fabric I chose is liquid satin in a deep emerald green colour, with a gold lining and black ruffle netting. Notify me of new posts by email.


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Kanye does show some bloggers luv though We only have so many black celebs that get press.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Her blog and podcast hook me up to new blogjaacker and patterns, plus she makes me laugh. No drama, no stress.

Mechanical center pole systems are easy to set up and need no electricity for grain bin construction. September 15, at Sandra Rose vs Angel of Blogjaker Loop. Bloggers are saying that not only have their blogs been hijacked, but that they are having a tough time getting them restored.

So linking back is considered a courtesy as well as a shout out to other bloggers for a job well done. Lol at the end of the day this is irreleant unless you blog. With all that traffic Kanye’s blog gets, one would think they wouldn’t mind sharing the wealth.


I tried a couple of experiments — manually typing in the URL myself, asking a colleague with cast-iron sensibilities to try it on his machine — and confirmed that the Food Market Index URL was redirecting me to a porn site, and a particularly singe-your-retinas-graphic one at that. I love the idea of your new dress of liquid green and I hope you can tame the fibres and turn it into your first choice.

Much love, Corrie xx. Lawdddddddd i didnt know they had cyber beefin like that.

Presenting Bin Jacker Supply 2.0!

I decided to make some bunting out of some clothes I got rid of from my wardrobe a few weeks ago. Sandra about to be blog beefin with ‘Ye!!!


Cyberscenes was trolling the blogosphere for interesting bits this week when I clicked my bookmark to the Food Market Index blog out of Framingham. September 16, at 8: If your guys are tripping over cords or blogjacler impacts off the staircase, we have the solution: The non-flared punches are now available for purchase online.

Instead of pears and plums, I got porn. Bin Jacker Supply has always had hand punches available. Bin Jacker Supply also features a new logo.

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Codenamed The Center Pole Cannonour hydraulic center pole system is safer, easy to use and sets up with less man hours. The Bin Jacker Supply mechanical center pole is designed to fit farm bins and smaller commercial bins.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. September 25, at 4: Hydraulic Center Pole System. A healthy source of fibre!

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Thank you so much for the reply — I checked them all bllgjacker and I added you to my blogroll too! So Team Kanye gets the middle finger for Blog jackin’.

Instead of the blog, I was redirected to a generic-looking Web page supposedly touting some kind of self-actualization program that you could get more information on by clicking on a link. Blocking the Dragonfly Jumper.


Originally inspired by Pluto and Canadian Muffins. Hi Erin, Thank you blogjafker much for the reply — I checked them all out and I added you to my blogroll too!