Latest members reviews No review or rating for the moment Submit a review. The music represents a change from the impressionist washes of Shenzhou and Autour La Lune but it is unmistakeably the work of Biosphere. You will be mailed an auto-notification that Touch has received your address, and then redirected back to this index page. Mastered by Denis Blackham. Geir Jenssen has been creating ambient music under the name Biosphere for over fifteen years now. The Big Chill UK: Music that is as much about the world about us as it is about top end digital production layering.

biosphere dropsonde

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Nicht nur wegen des gewohnt tollen Cover-Artworks von Jon Wozencroft. You will be mailed an auto-notification that Touch has received your address, and then redirected back to this index page.

What follows is a variety of two different types of tracks. While the LP for Dropsonde came out late last year, it boasted a mere six tracks of his masterful sonic waves.

biosphere dropsonde

Here, Jenssen revives for a moment the mood of Patashnik by sending out electronic pulses above a biospjere cloud of electronic soundwaves. Here, Jenssen embraces rich sonic formations, engages groove and applies lavish brushes and textures all the way through.

TO:66 – Biosphere “Dropsonde”

A Dropsonde sampler was pre-released on vinyl as a mini album on 27 September and the full album released on compact disc in January though the track “In the Shape of a Flute” remained exclusive to the vinyl sampler. The album is an accessible and beautifully-produced recording that shows what Geir Jenssen is capable of when he allows his Biosphere project to thaw out just a little. Views Read Edit View history.


biosphere dropsonde

With Dropsonde, Jenssen returns to more hospitable territories. Aside from his releases under the Biosphere moniker, Jenssen is an experienced soundtrack composer, having composed the haunting, icy score to the original Norwegian film Insomnia. In Triple Drkpsonde 5: The Sunday Times UK: Dropsonde [with digital bonus track] by Biosphere.

biosphere dropsonde

About to turn 50 and have no other album in my vast collection with as many listens. For the weather reconnaissance device, see Dropsonde. You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not.

Biosphere then builds an entire track out of it by bending, stretching, delaying and quietly embroidering in between this trio of notes. The six tracks on this album are currently only available in vinyl format; the CD will follow in November [now early — ed.

If you like Biosphere, you may also like: Why we are not called ‘Touch Records’: Dropsonde, the latest album by the most interesting and constantly evolving ambient artist of them all, announces itself with a three-note chime, bioaphere unlike the station identification used by the NBC television network.

Please don’t send us any demos or similar offerings. The rhythmic pulses wash over me and surround my head like a warm scarf.


But maybe you missed my review earlier this year, so lets recap. Shenzhou [Reissue with bonus album].

Dropsonde [with digital bonus track] | Biosphere

Dropsone No Chaser UK: Biosphere, like Brian Eno, has been a pioneer in the genre of electronic ambient music. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The notion of this small, compact and highly mobile unit of super quality technical kit listening to the environment, is oddly metaphorical for the Biosphere programme itself. Fall Xropsonde, Fall Out 7: Ambientambient housejazz.

Characterized by their white-painted bodies and grotesque beauty, Butoh dancers are said to concentrate intently on an internal image and move in response to this inner vision.

BIOSPHERE Dropsonde reviews

A synth plays a quiet drone underneath for a few moments. The territory is confirmed from the opening bars. No beats, no rhythm, no melody to speak of, just transcendent aural beauty.

So, for ambient fans who want another great progressive dtopsonde ambient release that isn’t simply a rehash of the classics, this is a great choice.