Sanskrit text is taken from this site. Brahmande mayile back Note 3: The one who is the lord of the Lokas, who is the lord of the world, who is the lord of the life breaths, who is ancient. This looks like Marathi, correct? These 15 slokas, that provide gainfulness that purify the body and bestow serenity to the mind, are like the 15 digits of the moon in nature. The large bodied, the wrathful one, diamond bodied Hanuman, the son of Maruta, who lives in the forest. He is found very firm in his decision.

bhimrupi maruti stotra

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Stotra (hymns): Bhimrupi Stotra

The one in whose mouth the universe is composed when he bares gnashes his teeth. Pusha, Anuradha and uttata Bhadrapada are his nakashatras. Bhimarupimahaarudra vajraHanumanmaaruti Vhimrupi Ramadutaaprabhanjana 1. It would be useful to update the question with the language. We pray Hanuman and describe his Strength and how he is powerful.

Shri Bhimrupi Maruti Stotra | This Is Shri Bhimrupi Maruti S… | Flickr

The destroyer of the lords of Patala, whose gigantic body is smeared with Sindura. Mahabalipranadaata sakalaauthavibale Saukhyakaarishokahartaa 1 dhoortavaishnavgaayakaa 2.

Any planet according to its position in the horoscope is able to produce good or bad results in his own Vinshotari Mahadasa.


bhimrupi maruti stotra

The one who is the lord of the Lokas, who is the lord of the world, who is the lord of the life breaths, who is ancient. I’m really surprised there is no English translation to this famous stotra on Hanuman.

Shri Bhimrupi Maruti Stotra

Hinduism Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Dinaanaathaaharirupa sundaraajagadantaraa Paataladevataahanta bhavyasindurlepana 3.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Saturday, August 23, Bhimrupi Stotra. Whose eyes emit fire storta he contracts his brows in forceful rage. Even the mind was overcome by his pace and none can match his velocity.

Hedharapandhrashloki labhalishobhalibari Drhudhdehonisandheho sankhyachandrakalagune Ghosts, zombies, spirits etc diseases and afflictions all worries are destroyed by the darshana of Hanuman and the devotee attains bliss. He is found orthodox in his behavior.

Maruti Stotra – Audio and Lyrics

He is supple and moves in the bhmrupi of an eye like a great streak of lightning. Where can one equate to his size the Meru and Mandara mountains? The bestow-er of happiness, the remover of sorrows, the shrewd one, who is the singer of Vishnu’s praises. Saturn in Tula makes person proud and close-fisted. The one who is a devotee of Vishnu and a singer. Saturn in Vrischika rashi makes person cunning. We ask happiness and to remove all sorrow from our life. Brahmaandemailaa 2 nenon aanwaledantapangati Netraagnichalilyaajwala bhrukutitraahitilyaabale 6.


The all powerful, giver of life breaths, the one that rouses others by his strength. The one who is pure in mind, speech and body, who has pure character, son of Pavana: The language it is written in is Marathi, but anyone with knowledge of any Sanskrit based language may be able to interpret it.

Grasile back Note 7: Saturn has got a black form, slim body and composition of the body shows more of wind. A site where they hosted Samartha Ramadasa’s books gave me a PDF of the stotra with a Marathi explanation that made my job easier. Bringing the mountain to Lanka he returned and replaced it at the speed of the mind. God Hanuman StotraHappinessNo sorrow.

bhimrupi maruti stotra