The digit 6 indicates low hydrogen potassium, and 8 a low hydrogen iron powder. Number piles in abutment footings from left to right when facing up station. Splicing 12 inch Concrete Piles. Driving Constraints Piles shall not be driven within 50 feet of freshly placed concrete. When a welder is qualified by AWS , a certification card is issued showing the types of welds which they are qualified to perform. Process 1 Placing a pipe, extending to the bottom of the hole, on each side of the pile. Common Survey Errors to Avoid A.

atf setup 11.20

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Preheating of electrodes requires an “electrode oven” to be on-site and used! Save it to your Desktop. Steel Pipe Pile — I. If visible damage does occur, driving should be discontinued before the pile is damaged to the point that it can no longer be incorporated into the structure. This type is commonly encountered where the shaft is rather shallow in depth and the soil will maintain its sidewall integrity.

atf setup 11.20

Un-cased in non-collapsing soils. Field evaluation conducted in the summer of indicates the splicing method is very successful.

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Conducting a static load test is requested through the Office of Materials, Special Investigations section. It shall be our practice to spread the split bottom wings of the plug before setting. A check is accomplished by having the contractor stand 111.20 hammer upright in the driving position and measuring down from top of the barrel to top of the ram.


Penetration Requirements Design pile length is a calculated value based on design bearing and soil conditions.

Process 1 Placing a pipe, extending to the bottom of the hole, on aff side of the pile. Posted October 14, Example of such a condition could be a previous demolition site where existing foundations are encountered.

Preference of E and E electrodes for field welding may now be apparent. Before signing the report, the project engineer should be sure the report has been verified through an independent check.

atf setup 11.20

You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we’ll assume you’re okay to continue. Pile Alignment Sections of piles to be joined by butt welds shall be carefully aligned. In addition there are a few “double acting” hammers in use. Inthe Office of Bridges and Structures investigated the use of mm 12 inch concrete pile.

One factor which enters into the calculation is the setkp for scour.

Splicing Prestressed Precast Piles If the pile is prestressed, the concrete at the end must be cut away to expose at least 24 inches of the prestressing tendons. In addition the Office of Construction and Materials has specific reporting forms developed for inspection reporting involving drilled shafts. This method is required by the specifications. Steel piling will not be tested for acceptance on every project.



Files Eetup from to A copy of the driving graph needs to be included when information is forwarded for future reference. If the pile is prestressed, the concrete at the end must be cut away to expose at.

When a precast, non-prestressed concrete pile must be extended, the concrete at the end must be cut away to expose at least twenty 20 diameters and not less than 24 inches of the longitudinal reinforcing bar. Use powdered Bentonite, mix with water, and fill the hole with a slurry. The digit 1 permits welding in all positions. Bench Marks for Bridges. Electrodes not used within four hours after removal from the drying or storage oven must be redried before use.

Since these forms are not in the Office Supply system, please photocopy as needed.

atf setup 11.20

Documentation and Acceptance At times, wood piling have been delivered to a project from a nearby supplier well ahead of reports for testing and approval.