Nov 03, Ashley rated it did not like it Shelves: I loved that her looks weren’t ‘perfect’ but that she really didn’t give two hoots about it. I don’t have a Twitter and like Micheal, I “don’t get Twitter”. It is nice if you are active virtually but you really can’t substitute actual people with the internet guys. They were always bickering and arguing-jean and Mkchael. An empowering and educational picture book that proves colors are for everyone, regardless of gender. Having just come from Shirley Marrs delightful Preloved , where I wallowed quite delightedly in all sorts of 80s and 90s references and embraced my mid-twenty-something-ness, lets just say that within a few pages of Adorkable I was feeling, like, totes ancient.

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They are also puppets. She’s exactly like those evil, manipulative queen bee bitches, but instead of lashing out at people for being “unpopular”, she lashes out at them for being “popular”.

We have nothing to declare but our dorkiness. You know the type — take the adkrkable formula, tweek it a little bit, lull unsuspecting readers with a promise of something formulistic and fluffy and then BAM!

You have to be pretty patient if you ever want to like it. I don’t like this kind of message in a book, and although Jeane at the end learns that adorkable sarra manning opinions are not always the law, for me it didn’t sound sincere.

But the fact that most of the book was Jeane being whiny and judgemental makes it really hard for me to actually like the book. So why can’t they stop snogging? All in all, Mike was a pampered child.


Adorkable by Sarra Manning: review | book adoration

When Michael’s girlfriend hooks up with Jeane’s boyfriend they find themselves crashing into each other with increasing frequency. But there is more to this colorful and confident person that’s her. Haven’t had a proper home since It’s true that Jeane also wasn’t very popular due to her attitude, but it didn’t really seem that way.

Plus, when you see how sad and lonely her life was, the fact she still functioned was a miracle. She’ Buddy read with Komal!

He’s just a truly caring, golden boy. Sarra uses all the right tropes, like the kiss-you-to-shut-you-up thing, and seriously, that’s one device that will definitely make me like your book. But then Sarra Manning won me over with her unique characters, witty prose and general awesomeness. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. My notes at one point were just a series of LOLs. Katherine’s opportunity comes in the form of Adorkable sarra manning Shakespeare’s newest play, Twelfth Night, which is to be specially performed in front adorkable sarra manning Her Majesty.

Jeane often began criticising other people for what they wore, watched or listened to, even though that may have just been what they liked which I found to be a bit unnecessary – she might like being ‘different’, but she didn’t need to force her opinions on others.

She was too full of herself. It screams to you to be yourself, to be who you wanna be, to act the way you want to and to say what you are thinking without being afraid.


Book Review: Adorkable by Sarra Manning

And some great news: Sh So the 2 stars I decided to rate this book are because of two reasons: It’s also a reaffirmation of the love in this blogging community, and it has motivated me to keep blogging and expanding my life here.

An Invisible String made of love. Then the other characters are adodkable just props. So Jeane and Michael have nothing in common, but somehow they end up being in each others lives in the form of sucking on each others faces every chance they get.

In contrast, Jeane hates on everyone who DOES do those things, even if they’re a adorkable sarra manning nice person.

Adorkable by Sarra Manning

May 24th Synopsis: I’m all for dorkiness and I’d definitely acorkable myself a nerd. I love it when you fangirl over a book! Channeling my inner Jeane, I suppose. Despite being short and stocky with wobbly bits and a healthy attitude to sex, she needed a very hard punch in the face.

I could totally sympathize with Micheal’s view that internet friends are not exactly real friends.