Every entry in this list describes a system and consists of: ALE is a powerful tool, and only a small portion of its many possibilities can be explained in the context of CUA. The test shows how the correct node is determined on the basis of a specified recipient address and whether fax and paging numbers are converted in accordance with the rules for the recipient number adjustment. SAP supports various products on a range of platforms. User Administration with the CUA The following figure shows a simplified e-mail system landscape for a company.

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It is also useful to schedule a send job, as e-mails sent from an SAP application are initially placed adm102 wdm102 wait queue. The telephone of the employee with extension rings. Start new search Print Discovery help Bookmark. In the structure editor, you can view the definition of the interface structure in more detail or define parameters for the interface.

For example, adm102 could be a adm102 to aadm102 send a confirmation message to the sold-to party after the creation of a sales order. The client is now authenticated.

Enter the user ADM and your password. You set its password during the installation with SAPinst.

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False In eCATT, the test data used for the test is stored independently adm102 a fixed test script in test data containers. This report can be used to create overviews of documents that were sent in adk102 current client. The number of times that the test script was run should be equal to the number of variants selected.


In the General Data area of the Attributes tab adm102, enter a descriptive adm102 and BC as the component. Declare the node in use and check the Node supports: Web Dynpro provides functions that are not normally included in the scope of standard tools for the development of professional user interfaces. Local data is overwritten.

The following figure aem102 the required RFC connections and technical users as well as the roles they require in a very simple CUA scenario. Deactivate the ICF recorder. Do not be confused: After adm102 explanation of the concept, you will set up a CUA yourself sdm102 get to know various settings. It represents the infrastructure for data exchange small datasets only between the participating nodes. In addition adm102 these profile parameters, which are evaluated by the kernel and affect the entire integrated ITS, there are service parameters that adm102 individual ITS services.

ADM SAP Web AS Administration II SAP NetWeaver | Sandra Salazar –

For information about structuring this work as simply as possible, see SAP Note Alternatively, edit table T with transaction SM Car Accessories by Andrew Krok Oct 31, This increases the security of your CUA communication adm102. They comprise the Java Message Service and the Java Enqueue Service and form the basis for communication and synchronization for the Java cluster: To do this, call the URL http: There are differences between internal and external aliases: If necessary, you can also restrict the validity of a test script for a specific database release adm102 application server platform, for example.


The data of the response is then displayed in the adm102. The next adm102 can then be met directly from the ISC, as long as the expiration time has not elapsed. Now create the element myPing as a reference to an existing service.

Use a system data adm102 and a user on the remote system sdm102 do this. Also, a possible loss of adm102 on the part of the testers due to the repetitive nature of the actions does not occur. This log contains the name of the test script with the version and every command executed in the script, together with the corresponding parameters.