Calculate the distances between one matched point and referential points; the distance in one model is and in the other model is , if the distances between two referential points satisfy Reserve the matched point, or delete it. The pictures should be numbered, for example this way: It is the poor texture, as shown in Figure 3 a. To validate the effectiveness of our proposed 3D model reconstruction system, the experiment is conducted on the cave in Mogao Grottoes, which is located 25 kilometers southwest of Dunhuang city, Gansu Province in China. The point cloud is so large that the computational complexity is very intensive, especially for the Delaunay triangulation process. In the meantime, another group has reconstructed the cave by traditional 3D laser scanning technique.

3djournal 3.2

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Tanzania 3D gallery click on a photo, then use 3djourmal arrow below it 3djoournal move between photos. Then it projects onto the object to add texture information by a projector, as shown in Figure 3 d.

But the cost is so high that is against our design philosophy. The optical axes of four cameras are parallel to each other, and their parameters should be consistent as far 3ejournal possible in order to ensure the precision. The process is described as follows. To quantitatively illustrate the effectiveness of this method, two real and touchable objects are reconstructed by a smaller PFCPMS.


The newly generated triangular mesh and 3D model are shown in Figures 5 b and 5 drespectively. Upload to YouTube and use their online help or informations from 3DJournal.

3djournal 3.2

Usually, more than three matched points can be detected, so the least square method can be applied to improve the computational accuracy. Over all the years we and members of the former 3DJournal club created many 3D photos and some 3D videos. Calculate the rotation parameters and the displacement parameters. It is the poor texture, as shown in Figure 3 a. Come with us to see.

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In Figure 9 3journal, four representative views are demonstrated. How to create a 3D video Tips for recording of 3D video warning: Intensive feature point generation method: In 3djpurnal way, a few points are preserved in a relatively flat area to further simplify the calculation, while more points are preserved to obtain high precise models.

If you press the Shift key and press any of the mentioned buttons, only left image changes. But it’s fairly easy to perform that conversion manually.

Feature point matching between different 3D models. We also recommend you check the files before installation. New 3D software 3DJournal 3. Photographs of all users can be found here in the User gallery.

3DJournal Software

3djpurnal the following lines you can find a brief description of major news and a brief look back. A typical comparison result can be seen in Figure 7. This can be reflected from Figure 6 awhere two 3D models captured in different positions are fused together primitively.


In order to get enough reliable point cloud, a projection method is applied, as shown in Figure 3 b.

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It is a uniform sampling for the original data. It will be resized during saving. The latest installation package that can be downloaded is.

3djournal 3.2

The 3DJournal is equipped with a lot of functions rotation, shift, resize etc. How to take 3D photos It is clear that you have to choose some interesting scene first. For your experiments – including the check of all the possibilities of our software and saving files – it should be OK.

All the images will be processed in the same way as the first one – including rotation, shifting and cropping before saving.

As shown in Figure 2 aare the epipolars, and they can be calculated easily when all the camera parameters are known for this system [ 15 ]. We recommend to use higher quality which allow to get a good 3D effect.