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Water is a source of life on earth. It is one of the 4 elements that constitutes to the delicate balance of life on this planet. The human body is comprised of 70% water; every single living organism on this planet needs water for their survival. Water is also an important medium via which nutrients are transported and waste products eliminated in the body. One aspect that has been well discovered about water is its healing properties, specifically Hydrotherapy.
Hydrotherapy uses the principals of buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure or effects of the movement of water and water temperature to speed recovery from body pains, insomnia, stress to name a few.
Hydrotherapy is proven to be a highly effective form of natural therapy which works by motivating the endorphins which in turn helps you to control pain and release tension.
The spa works by releasing millions of large bubbles, which relaxes your muscular tension and helps to reduce swollen joints giving you increased mobility and more importantly lessens your pain, it also releases very fine bubbles, and this has a soothing tranquil effect on your body which helps relieve your stress and tension. It is also useful for improving blood circulation, improving cardio and immune systems and muscle strengthening
Most Spa’s and spa hotels offer a wide range of Hydrotherapy courses, with specially designed programs to focus on certain areas.

Immune System – detoxing regularly, leads to a stronger immune system which is able to cope with controlling viruses, bacteria and infections. Your immune system is your internal police force and when working efficiently, helps you overcome minor infections ranging from the common cold right up to deadly diseases.
Stress – hydrotherapy can provide you with the vital key to breaking the stress cycle of everyday modern life. For example, high blood pressure, headaches, digestive complaints, insomnia, depression, anxiety attacks, the list goes on. Unfortunately stress not only affects the mind but more importantly your immune system.
Complexion – The spa treatments helps to regulate your body’s temperature control by improving the efficiency of your perspiration glands. This releases the toxins from your body and leaves you with a healthy glowing complexion. The oxygen flow is increased by the effect of the millions of bubbles and this activity can also help reduce water retention and even have a dramatic effect on other problems such as cellulite and in some cases weight issues. In short, Hydrotherapy offers an excellent way for you to regain and maintain a healthy and painless body.
What happens to you during Hydrotherapy?
When you are in pain or under stress, chemical changes in your body can cause the blood pressure and pulse rate to increase, Having regular spa treatments can help you to reduce these symptoms by relieving swollen joints and slowing down the process of stress reaction. This will help you to relax and unwind, which is easier for you, helping you to deal with your pain.

Lets look at what you could benefit from a spa day?
After 5 minutes – your blood pressure and pulse rates start to drop.
After 10 minutes – your circulation improves in your hands and feet making them warmer.
After 15 minutes – your muscles will relax becoming more receptive to passive exercise, fibrous tissue becomes more pliable and responsive to stretching encouraging the release of lactic acid and other toxins from your system.
After 20 minutes – your aches and pains will experience a temporary decrease in severity.

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