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Randall House, Highway 1
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Image by Jeff Boyd
This spooky place is right on the side of scenic Highway 1, a few miles south of Olema, CA. It’s pretty isolated, and there are no other buildings of any kind nearby.

I’ve driven by this place a number of times, each time noting how weird it was that this big, beautiful 19th century farmhouse is sitting out in the middle of nowhere, boarded up and abandoned. I’ve always wondered what the story behind this place is, and as Jen and I drove past it yesterday, I was compelled to stop and get some pictures. There’s a locked gate and barbed wire fence between the highway and the house, which I had to circumvent in order to get these shots. It’s almost a perfect setting for a bad horror movie.

The whole area around the house is almost indescribable. Not necessarily creepy, but definitely weird. Even though this was obviously someone’s home at one time, you feel as if you’re the first human to set foot there in decades. I saw a healthy-looking coyote strut through the back yard as I approached, and accidentally broke up what appeared to be a large quail convention as i walked around the southeast corner.

After doing some research online, I learned that this is the historic Randall House, built in 1880 by prosperous dairy owner Sarah Randall after her husband was murdered. Not surprisingly, the story behind the house is pretty interesting:


Perhaps to accommodate Raymond’s growing family, Mrs. Randall had a larger house built east of the county road, across the road from the dairy buildings. The exact date of construction is unclear; the 1880 census does not reflect an outstanding improvement in the value of the buildings there. One report states that Mrs. Randall began construction in 1880 and completed the house in 1881. The two-story Victorian, with elegant trim and ample space, became a showplace in the Olema Valley and still stands today. According to the county newspaper, Sarah Randall planned to have a new barn built in 1884.

A fire in 1890 destroyed most of the pasture and fences on the ranch; the newspaper called 10-year-old Lottie Randall "the little heroine" of the disaster. Mrs. Randall apparently returned to the ranch and lived alone there in later years but was eventually persuaded by her children to leave and live with them in town. Sarah Seaver Randall died on January 24, 1907, and left the ranch to her grown children Elizabeth Tripp, William, Fanny Tullar, Raymond and Mary Clifford.

The Randall House is the lone survivor of the legacy of William and Sarah Randall. The couple are among the earliest American settlers in the Olema Valley; the story of Mrs. Randall’s operation of the ranch and raising a large family after becoming widowed contributes significance in the area of women and the development of the west. The ranch may be regionally significant for its contribution to the 19th century dairy industry in the Olema Valley, an industry that provided food products to a growing San Francisco during the later years of the Gold Rush.

The superintendent of Point Reyes National Seashore had the remaining barns and outbuildings removed soon after the purchase and intended to demolish the unoccupied Randall House. The keeper of the National Register of Historic Places declared the house eligible for the National Register in 1979, spurring the park to attempt historic leasing on the old house. This effort failed through the lack of acceptable proposals, and again the house faced demolition. Discovery in the 1980s of a rare big-eared bat colony in the attic has given the place at least a temporary reprieve.


The place sat silent for years, and vandals stole everything that wasn’t nailed down (and even some that was). Thankfully, it’s now maintained by the Point Reyes National Seashore park staff and will probably be spared from demolition because it’s full of bats.

It’s too bad it isn’t being preserved for other reasons, but I guess that’ll do for now. Maybe someday it’ll be restored and reopened as a high-end Marin County inn and spa, where you can sip chardonnay and relax in a tub of fresh bat guano.

Other folks have posted some pretty neat photos of this place on Flickr. There are also some really cool-sounding historical photos of the house in existence somewhere, which I would love to see. If you have any additional photos or info regarding this place, please comment.

All hair salon services offer their customers with the option of hair spa treatments to revitalize their hair. The reason why this treatment is so popular is due to the fact that it deeply conditions your hair to remove all the damage done by pollution. Those who suffer from dull, frizzy and dry hair must consider this treatment to help their hair become healthy once again. Regular hair spas can help enhance a customer’s hair growth and reduce problems such as dandruff or hair fall. Women who have coloured hair are generally advised to undergo a few hair spa sittings. The reason being that colour tends to leave the hair weak. A hair spa treatment can help improve the growth of healthy hair of a customer.


This is the basic procedure for a hair spa treatment which most hair salon services follow. It involves an oil massage for the scalp, shampooing and conditioning of the hair. It is an ideal treatment to regain one’s texture and shine which they had previously lost. Salons also use a hair mask which is believed to recover all the essential nutrients that the hair had previously lost. Though the brands used vary, the shampoos and conditioners are ideally milder.

Some of the major benefits of a hair spa treatment at home are:
* The treatment has been designed to strengthen the hair follicles revitalize the scalp and nourish the damaged hair roots.
* The treatment restores vital oils in the scalp to allow the growth of smooth hair from the roots itself.
* The treatment helps normalize the oil secretions to reduce constant oiliness of the hair.
* It removes any impurities found in the pores and also repairs the damaged hair.
* It stimulates blood circulation which helps in the regrowth of healthy hair.
* The hair mask rectifies any severe damage caused to the hair such as dandruff, hair fall and dryness.

Customers are also able to gain benefits from the option of a hair spa treatment at home. Many salons understand that their customers are extremely busy and do not have the time to visit the salon. So hair salon services are now offered at a customer’s home to simplify the process for their customers. With the increase in the amount of population the hair is exposed to on a daily basis, it is extremely important for women to opt for a hair spa treatment regularly to protect their hair from any severe damage. It’s important for women with both coloured and straightened hair to regularly undergo this treatment to help them maintain the health of their hair.

Shruti Kapoor is an experienced make-up artist functioning out of Mumbai. Along with offering techniques to find hair spa treatment at home in Mumbai as well as receiving beauty parlour services at your doorstep, she comes up with constructive suggestions that can go a long way in beautification tactics for both daily use as well as for specific events.

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