The Basic Principles Of Spa Care

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Rule number 1 to get a clean, beautiful spa is having really clear, beautiful water. 3 main components need to be recognized by spa owners or routine maintenance technicians in order to keep a healthful spa environment. In this article, we are going to cover every one of them.

Water Stability

Water in your spa needs to be checked often for the balance of chemical substances. You should examine the pH balance, the total alkalinity balance, and also checking for calcium hardness. Maintaining water balanced will assure that this sanitizers offer you outstanding results. The first time you fill the spa, get the water checked by the expert. The water balance should be examined twice a week afterwards.

The following information needs to be employed to keep water balance appropriate. In case your pH balance isn’t in correct ranges, it will cause the water to become scaly or corrosive, which may harm the spa.

Keep the pH levels at 7.2-7.6 by using ProTeam Spa pH Increaser or ProTeam Spa pH Decreaser.

ProTeam Spa Alkalinity Up enhances alkalinity in the 100-120 ppm range. This will be significant to make sure that pH stays balanced for extended amounts of time.

ProTeam Spa Calcium Up maintains water hardness inside the proper degree of 150-250 ppm. If the calcium has run out of these kinds of ranges, you can get your spa’s equipment to become damaged,

Water Hygiene

2 different products must be used for water treatment. They’re oxidizers and sanitizers. Oxidizers are also known as Shock. Those two products will assure that this water in the spa is stored healthy and beautiful.

Germs along with other germs are controlled with the sanitizers. It’s very important to add the sanitizers on a steady foundation to keep water thoroughly clean. Oxidizers “shock” water and purifies it from things like suntan creams and sweat. This also helps prevent unpleasant smells from developing within the water. Do this once weekly inside your spa care.

The following products will give you the greatest results for water cleanliness.

ProTeam Spa Brominating Tabs Effortlessly presents sanitizers to the spa h2o.

ProTeam Spa Di-Chlor This entirely soluble sanitizer is very effective and long lasting.

SpaPure Multiple Shock Add a little bit of sanitizer into the water and make use of the the product to shock the water.

ProTeam Spa Oxidizing Shock This product dissolves quickly and shocks the water without using bromine or chlorine.

Water Cleaning

While the spa does the effort for cleaning the water automatically, you should make sure the spa is turned on regularly and filters and circulates the water.

The filter inside the spa is super essential. It’s always working to purify the water by eliminating contaminants and other materials not that aren’t actually noticeable. Because of this, it is vital that the filter is degreased and washed at least one time a month with ProTeam Spa Filter Clean. In the event you don’t want to clean the filter that often, then consider using ProTeam Spa Natural Clean to extend enough time a lot longer in between filter cleanings.

Are you aware that spa care ought to include draining the water every 12-15 weeks? This gets eliminate water which has build-ups of oil from skin, cleaning products, and body care products. When the water is empty, clean the top of spa with ProTeam Spa Surface Clean.

Ideal Degrees

The following are safe amounts to the water to be kept healthy and clean.


3.0-5.0 ppm

Free Chlorine

1.0-3.0 ppm


7.2 – 7.6

Total Alkalinity

100-120 ppm

Calcium Hardness

200-400 ppm


0 ppm

Initial Fill & Initial Use

Whenever filling up the spa the very first time, follow these simple steps:

1) Add ProTeam Gentle Spa to the spa as the water is filling. This keeps water glowing clear.

2) Put ProTeam Spa Metal Magic into the spa soon after filling to keep staining and scaling from occurring.

3) Following the spa has been filled with water, begin your spa care routine by managing water. This consists of adding sanitizers after which shocking the water.

Routine Routine maintenance

Spa care needs to include making sure water is circulating the no less than 3-4 hours a day. If the water isn’t circulating, it won’t make any difference how many products you out in it-the result will probably be water that may become stale, smelly or cloudy.

Adopt these measures to your weekly spa care:

1) Add ProTeam Spa Sky Blue Clarifier to help keep water clear.

2) Put SpaPure Metal Magic to avoid buildup of scale or staining.

3) Put ProTeam Spa Oxidizing Shock to shock water.

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