Rejuvenate the Body with the Best SPA Deals in Gurgaon

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It is but important for us to take good care of our bodies, and by that we don’t only mean eating well and hitting the gym thrice a week. If the insides are not cared for and if the mental caliber of a human is not in place, the body wouldn’t be able to function properly. If the body refuses to function and respond to daily tasks, all will go for a toss. This would also be a sign for much more dangers ahead. This is why it is important to take time out and give our bodies the much needed pampering and care, and you too can do that by indulging in one of the SPA Deals in Gurgaon.

Respect your needs
A spa doesn’t mean that you have to rip your wallets apart for lovely and awesome holistic services. In this day and age, everyone needs a little more than what is being given, and spas do just that. They step in to help you with cosmetic and physiological needs, so that the body, mind and soul can be in sync with each other. When the three are in sync, you would be healthy, inside out and it would show. So do check today on the varied SPA Deals In Gurgaon, and be a darling to yourself by booking into one.

Holistic and one of a kind
Spas have trained men and women who work round the clock to ensure that your needs are met in a very cultured and holistic manner. Right from Swedish massages to deep body tissue rejuvenation, yoga to cosmetic and beauty treatments, saunas and steam baths to relax the body muscles to refreshing and healthy eating options, all of this would be served with ample amounts of love and care. Hence, please do check and see which of the Day SPA Packages in Gurgaon would be best suited for your needs.

Tips on searching for a spa
When you make a decision to relax at a day spa or a weekend spa, here is what you should do:
a. Check with the reviews, ratings and client testimonials online, it would tell you a lot about the spas reputation, customer centricity, pricing and services.
b. Ask the spa to email or send over a brochure for your needs, check what you want and don’t want and then make a decision
c. The spa should have a smart website, one which would allow you to contact them, make bookings and allows for varied secure modes of early payments too
d. Spas should have discrete and confidential systems in place, assuring customers of client confidentiality at all times, especially with the payment instruments used, such as a cheque or a credit card
e. Also check for the proximity of the spa from your place. You should be there in no time, and should tire out on the way back home from the spa too.

We hope this information on Day SPA Packages In Gurgaon and how to choose them comes in handy!!

Manish Gupta is working with Alcor Spa which offers SPA deals in Gurgaon. He has great experience in writing content about beauty and spa industry and wrote this post to make people know about different spa treatments and Day SPA Packages in Gurgaon.

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BBQ Factory Spa Parts

healthy spa
Image by mikaku
#Bali Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat was named “Top 25 in Asia” and “Best 1% of all hotels worldwide” on TripAdvisor. Come see why ॐ ॐ #bird #flight #Yoga #Wellness #luxurytravel #detox #resort #Art #Culture #spa #surf #Eco #Retreat #sustainable #paradise #luxury #5star #Healthy #pool #Meditation #Permaculture #Organic #BaliYoga #wanderlust #YogaRetreat #Instatravel #trip #holiday #holistic #nutrition #fun #Food #Beach #ocean #Beauty ॐ ❀ Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat ❀ Sukawati, Bali, Indonesia ❀

From filtration to cleaning chemicals to cover, there are numerous other material and accessories that are found in the industry that would help you in maintaining your pool in a secure and healthy way. Almost all of the companies that come to the market assure to offer best of the services as well as promises for a long-lasting. But every one of them does not stand to their world and they decrease before the date. So it is suitable to manage your asset by going on utilizing the top quality filter that ensure healthy water for a best and rejuvenating swim and bath.
There are various types and varieties of available in the marketplace and one among them are the BBQ factory. These are of best quality, high standard, easy and comfortable to manage. If there are any issues or require for maintaining and repairing it then the BBQ factory spa parts are also simply available. They provide a complete choice of replacement filtration and every other area for all types of pools that is made by BBQ factory spa parts. A few of the products sold by them are Leisure rite spa filters, O2 spa filters, True form spa filters, Monarch spa filters, Bullfrog spa filters, Monarch Spa parts, Rota form Spa filters, Signature Spa filters and Cyclone spa filters. Hence you will find all of that you require less than one roof and prepared by one brand. This helps make the service and product truly top class and worth investing your money on. There are different types of popular brand names in the market that make really top class spa parts and replacement spa covers that will increase your spa experiences.
You can either buy them directly from the store or buy them online and have them delivered at your address. These items are categorized based to their brand, price, products, accessibility etc so that the option becomes simpler and easier for you. A few of the important spa parts that you can buy are pumps, blowers, heaters, spa covers, lifters, spa controllers and key pads, filters, pumping and jets, lights of various kinds like AV, UV and Ozone, and other presents and accessories. All of these Monarch Spa parts are of top quality and offer you with fulfilling experience. Apart from a large variety of products you can also get excellent services like free home delivery if you buy above a certain amount, great customer service and hassle free return policy etc.100 % customer service is guaranteed when you choose to buy these products. In today’s competitive world, the buyer is the one who gets to have the last laugh as there are a lot of choices and good quality products and service available in the market.

Nicolas Watson is the author of this article. For further details about Monarch Spa parts and BBQ factory spa parts please visit the website.

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Spa Treatments Can Satisfy Both Your Health and Beauty Needs

Grand Opening of Oceanview Medical Weight Loss Spa in Frisco, TX
healthy spa
Image by Oceanview Med Spa
This is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons. You are free to use this photo – please give attribution to Oceanview Medical Weight Loss Spa of Frisco, TX and link back to

Overview of spa treatments

If you’re tired of cosmetics that cause your skin to blotch, or have a schedule that is making your body ache and pain all day long, then a spa can help you rejuvenate and refresh yourself. A single session of spa therapy can help you heal and beautify your body. If you’re healthy from within, it will show on the outside too.

A spa is a one stop shop for all your beauty and health needs. Try the variety of spa options available today to preserve your youth, keep your skin fresh and calm your mind. Spas provide holistic care for your mind and body, pampering you to the core, and bringing out the best in you for the world to see.

If you don’t know where to begin your spa journey, take a look at all that the spa world has to offer. You can start with hair spas, which provide great luxury for your strands. You can get deep conditioning treatments to increase the shine and vigour of your hair. Or you can get your hair styled and colored and cut according to latest trends that will suit your face and body. Shiny, sleek and styled hair screams confidence and good looking hair can instantly up your energy levels.

Your face is your biggest asset since the first feature that people notice when they first meet is someone’s face. Pamper your face with spa facials made from honey and creamy avocado or get a spa specialist to exfoliate your facial skin using soft pearls of jojoba. You can even try scrubs made from oatmeal and milk that will open up any clogged pore. To get a fresh, dewy look try peach and apricot facemasks that will replenish the moisture in your face and take months, if not years off.

You can get calming manicures to take care of your hands and relax with a pedicure that comes with a massage for your tired feet. There’s also a host of options for your body: from waxing to body wraps to hot tub baths, you can freshen and beautify every inch. Soak yourself in milk baths or have layers of nourishing mud applied to your body. Melt the pounds away with paraffin wraps and detoxify your system with heat therapy from saunas.
Don’t forget to hop in for some rest and relaxation, by getting a soothing massage. You could opt for a deep tissue massage for releasing aches and pains or settle in for a comforting aromatherapy massage that will awaken all your senses and elevate your moods.

Spas also cater to your physical health by providing yoga services. Stretch your body into fun poses that will help you build strength and gain in flexibility. Calm yourself with relaxation techniques including meditation and enter a state of blissful awareness.

A day long stay at the spa is the best gift you can give your mind and your body. You will emerge transformed at the end of the day–radiant from your head to your toes, healthy and beautiful, from inside and outside…. go ahead and book your spa session today–you deserve it!

This is an article by Sue Robinson who writes more about spa treatments at her website.

Best Asian Healthy Spa

Tirta Ayu Spa is Pioneer for Traditional health V-Spa the first and the most complete in Indonesia , with international standard.
With concept of Tradisional Javanese (Jawa-Tribe) with back to nature concept, Tirta Ayu Spa cultural development & traditional Indonesian herb born again after a many century left behind by our ancestor lifted to becomes a commodity Export either through cosmetic industry and also one of the healthy Spa service in Indonesia.
Tirta Ayu Spa is Pioneer for Traditional health V-Spa the first and the most complete in Indonesia , with international standard.
With concept of Tradisional Javanese (Jawa-Tribe) with back to nature concept, Tirta Ayu Spa cultural development & traditional Indonesian herb born again after a many century left behind by our ancestor lifted to becomes a commodity Export either through cosmetic industry and also one of the healthy Spa service in Indonesia.
Tirta Ayu Spa is an Indonesian Registered Company with products made to Indonesian Standards.
Our products are natural products.
We use pure flowers essential oils and 100% other herbal Ingredient for our scents
None of our products contain SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate) a sodium based foaming agent deemed irritating to the skin in Indonesia.
None of our products contain any harmful parabens for EDATA(ethelenediaminetetraacetic acid) which may cause an allergic reaction

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Spa treatment in Devon

Backwards [9/365]
healthy spa
Image by Ardinnnn 🙂
Woow, this photo creeps me out every time i look at it, i think this is the funniest photo I’ve taken ever haha 🙂

“In my next life I want to live my life backwards. You start out dead and get that out of the way. Then you wake up in an old people’s home feeling better every day. You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension, and then when you start work, you get a gold watch and a party on your first day. You work for 40 years until you’re young enough to enjoy your retirement. You party, drink alcohol, and are generally promiscuous, then you are ready for high school. You then go to primary school, you become a kid, you play. You have no responsibilities, you become a baby until you are born. And then you spend your last 9 months floating in luxurious spa-like conditions with central heating and room service on tap, larger quarters every day and then Voila! You finish off as an orgasm!”

Such a great quote haha 😀

Hope like my 365 project so far :).

Are you exhausted with juggling work, kids and your household? What you need is a vacation getaway at a spa – a place to relax your body and mind. Ideally, the best place for a spa vacation is far away in the tropics in places like Hawaii, Mexico, Thailand and Brazil. The atmosphere associated with these places is best suited for a holiday. However, if you do not have the time or finances for a trip abroad, there are plenty of places within UK for a spa weekend.

History of spa –

The word spa comes from the town of Spa, Belgium, which is famous for its therapeutic mineral springs. Since pre-historic times, people have travelled to water springs in hopes to cure ailments, and the word spa has stuck to this association. Nowadays, a spa is now commonly used to define any health resort that encourages the renewal of mind, body and spirit.

Different types of spas –

There are many different types of spas available in the UK. Day spas are the perfect option for people who want to stay close to home, yet desire a few hours of relaxation. If you wish for something out of the way, spas in conjunction with luxury hotel resorts are available. These establishments have a high level of service, and are fairly pricey – however the service and ambiance make up for the cost. Destination spas are an affordable short term facility with the primary purpose of developing healthy lifestyle habits. These places provide a comprehensive programme that focuses on spa services, wellness education, healthy cuisine and physical fitness activities.

What do spas in Devon offer? –

Devon, the large county in South West England, has many day spas, weekend retreats and hotel spas set in peaceful picturesque surroundings. Spas in Devon include special packages and programmes that allow you to relax and rejuvenate and a whole host of traditional and cutting edge treatments. These include saunas, steam rooms, solariums, indoor and outdoor pools, Jacuzzis, treatment rooms with facials, massages, aromatherapy, hair and beauty salons and many more.

Following your spa treatment, you can opt for splendid scenic walks around the countryside, outdoor activities at nearby towns or a hearty healthy dinner at a local restaurant. Whether you are just looking for an afternoon appointment to recharge your batteries or a proper holiday with other activities, there are ample spas and resorts situated throughout Devon to help you relax.

For a spa in Devon that caters to women only visit

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Generating Spa Revenue With Education

healthy spa
Image by mikaku
Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat
Facilitating vibrant and lasting wellness.
Top 1% of hotels worldwide ~ TripAdvisor
“Best in Asia” ~ Yoganonymous
“The healthiest getaway” ~ USA TODAY
Rated #1 on TripAdvisor with a perfect 5 Star rating
#Wellness #luxurytravel #happy #surf #Eco #Retreat #luxury #5star #pool #Meditation #detox #Art #BaliYoga #YogaRetreat #holistic #fun #Food #Beach #ocean #love #follow #Beauty #journey #health #organic #permaculture #travel #spirituality #garden #gourmet #nutrition #instago ॐ
❀ Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat ❀ Sukawati, Bali, Indonesia ❀ #FLER

As the spa industry shifts from pampering to wellness, this action creates a need for wellness education! As spa and wellness professionals we have the responsibility to provide clients with the knowledge, treatments, products, and tools to help them live a healthier lifestyle, look younger, and feel better. Fulfilling this new need is a great opportunity for clients and for you, because through education you are able to increase your revenue. Here are 5 easy to implement educational strategies that will help your guests/clients and increase your bottom line.

The Hottest Educational Topics

1) Relaxation Training: We all lead very busy and hectic lives, and sometimes we are moving so fast that we forget to breathe and recharge. Educating your clients on relaxation training and breathing exercise with essential oils is a very fun and interactive educational experience, and it will help you sell a lot of products.

2) De-stress Programs: The number one reason people visit spas is to de-stress; yet, most menus offer only massage. A massage is nice, but is not lasting. You can offer a de-stress educational event and offer the attendees a De-stress recipe for home. Provide them with tips, and introduce them to de-stress products they can buy from you to help them relax and live a stress free life between massages at home.

3) Weight Management: Being overweight is one of the biggest problems people are facing in this day and age. People desperately need to develop healthier eating habits. You can team up with a chef who can share tips on how to shop and prepare healthy food. Also, you can educate them on how to detox with some of your treatments, your supplements, and treatments.

4) Healthy and Youthful Looking Skin: Most spas focus on a la carte treatments; however, if you want to fulfill your professional obligation and truly help your clients look their very best, the spa must focus on education. The clients need to know the importance of preventative care and how to follow a skin care program to ensure youthful and healthy looking skin for both face and body. This event will generate many series and program reservation, as well as skin care sales.

5) Make Me Beautiful: Make-up is an untapped revenue stream within most spas and salons. Not many have a make-up menu, and if they do it’s not promoted very much. Education is a great way to bring forth make-up interest. Your educational event can include application lessons with a trial kit to get attendees engaged and trying your makeup products.

*Keep in mind when you host live event it’s crucial to involve and engage your guests. The speaker should be skilled, prepared, and able create excitement about the topic.

Hosting your Educational Event

Most spas and salons host on-site events, but there are other methods to host educational events! Here are few suggestions to help you set yourself apart from others.

1) On-site in the spa: This is the most popular and obvious method to host the event at the spa.

2) Teleconference: An innovative method is to do a teleconference! You don’t have to worry about space, setting up the event, refreshments, and all the other tasks you would have to for a live event. And the best advantage about a teleconference is that you can record them and now you can repurpose this educational event for web use, as podcast, a CD, and more.

3) Webinars: Another innovative method is to host a webinar. Webinars are great because they provide you a visual experience in addition to audio. You can show a demonstration and a presentation, making the event more engaging. This also can be recorded and shown on demand on your website!

Generating Revenue

Events will help you generate excitement, introduce new treatments and products, educate your guests, and yes, generate revenue! However, many spas and salons miss out on this opportunity because they don’t make an offer urging the attendees to take action.

1) Make an Offer: Many spas forget this crucial revenue strategy. At the end of your lecture, you must make an offer to help the guest’s live a healthier lifestyle via your treatments and products. The offer can include treatments and home care recipes for health and wellness products. If you don’t make an offer, you will be cheating them of your professional advice and you are cutting yourself short of revenue opportunity. Come up with a great offer!

2) Added Value: Create urgency to buy now by providing added value. Added value is much nicer than discounts. This offer should only be valid if they join or purchase during the event. It’s your urgency. Make your added value a great reason to join or purchase now.

3) Close: To ensure success, provide your attendees with an order form to complete and return to you to process the sale. Don’t be afraid to close; remember, you are helping them live a healthier lifestyle!

Go ahead begin planning your educational event and experience exponential growth!

Dori Soukup is a recognized spa consultant expert, speaker, coach and author. Dori is the founder and CEO of InSPAration Management a business firm that specializes in providing business solutions to spa and salon leaders. The firm offers education via CDs, DVDs, Coaching Memberships, Seminars, and more. To learn more, visit InSPArationManagement.

What Happens During a Day at the Spa?

healthy spa
Image by mikaku
#Bali Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Retreat ॐ
Top 1% of hotels worldwide ~ TripAdvisor
“Best in Asia” ~ Yoganonymous
“The healthiest getaway” ~ USA TODAY
Rated #1 on TripAdvisor with a perfect 5 Star rating
#Yoga #Wellness #detox #Art #luxurytravel #spa #surf #Eco #Retreat #luxury #5star #pool #Meditation #BaliYoga #YogaRetreat #detox #holistic #nutrition #fun #Food #Beach #ocean #Beauty #holistic #journey #health #organic #permaculture #travel #spirituality #garden #gourmet ॐ
❀ Floating Leaf Eco-Retreat ❀ Sukawati, Bali, Indonesia ❀ #FLER

A visit to a spa can be a life changing experience. The typical spa these days is much more than a place to go for a massage or a pedicure. The top spas in the country are in the business of not only pampering you but trying to help you become a happier and healthier person. The typical spa trip will include experiences that appeal to all of your senses in an effort to enhance your overall well being.

When you visit a spa, the decisions on how you will spend your time are often left to you but you would be wise to choose one of their packages that incorporate a wide variety of services from facials to mineral baths. Open up your mind to new experiences and rely on the trained professionals to develop a program that could lead to real changes which will improve the quality of your life.

A typical day at an upscale spa will start early. Places like the Life Path Spa in upstate New York want you there, first thing in the morning for an exercise class. The staff will put you through a series of light stretching activities before a healthy breakfast. They will then send you out onto one of their beautiful nature trails for a brisk walk. Research shows that exercise first thing in the morning will jump start your metabolism and give you energy for the entire day.

After your walk, lunch is served and once again you will find only nutritional choices. The daily activities will include informational sessions on how you can make healthy meals for yourself back at home. The afternoon will also include relaxing activities like a mineral bath or massage. This is also the time to get a facial or manicure. Exercise classes are offered throughout the afternoon along with yoga and one on one session with a personal trainer. There is even time to relax in front of the fire with a good book.

Spa day trips are an excellent way for a wedding party to bond before the big day. Brides and their bridesmaids can be pampered and primp at the spa before the ceremony. The day could start with manicures and pedicures and end with everyone getting their hair done. In between, there is time to sip champagne and relax in advance of all of the exciting activities to follow. Too many brides don’t get to fully enjoy their day because of all the hustle and bustle. The Spa is a perfect opportunity to relax and make your wedding day a day to enjoyment.

If you have come by yourself or with a friend your day at the spa will wrap up with a fine dinner of fresh ingredients which is followed by an evening class which will give you some ideas on how to live healthy when you return home. The subject could be weight loss, nutrition or meditation. Licensed dieticians or counselors lead these classes which will include classroom discussions and handouts to put the ideas that are recommended into practice. Sometimes all it takes to make major changes is a little push in the right direction.

I write for AML Stone Source, the leading hot stone massage kit supplies provider. They carry products such as massage stones, as well as many other accessories for hot and cold stone therapy.

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Four Modern Spa Treatments and Why You Should Try Them

Beautiful woman receiving hotstone massage at spa
healthy spa
Image by Zenspa1
Beautiful woman receiving hotstone massage at spa and wellness center

Spa Health Benefits of Reflexology, Mud Baths, Wasabi Wraps and Color Therapy!

No one can accuse spas of being boring. There’s plenty of innovation and experimentation in the spa industry. One day, yoga is gentle, another day yoga is hot and sweaty. Some days, you can get chocolate facials, yet another day, you’ll come across leech facials (yep, leaches sucking their skin is apparently something that folks in this world enjoy). A lot of spa enthusiasts like to play it safe with their spa health benefits and choices. They know what they want and they become regularly addicted to their pet massages and yoga postures.

But if you are someone, who likes to experiment with the latest new spa trend and cannot wait to try new treatments that will both entertain and heal you, we’ve got some suggestions. Check out these 4 Spa treatments that are popular with several of the more adventurous spa goers; we guarantee you a healthy, happy time!

1. Reflexology: You’ve probably seen reflexology on the television. A therapist touches the pressure points of someone else’s body to get rid of pain (or in some TV shows or movies, to cause pain!). That is somewhat true in real life as well (not the pain, only the pleasure!). Reflexology involves selective pressing of points in the hands, feet and ears of clients with thumbs and pressures. The therapists vary their pressure according to the cure they are seeking.

Reflexology Spa Health Benefits: It’s no hidden mystery what they are doing. Reflexologists merely manipulate our nervous system to send signals to our body to detoxify and release pain. The pressure points in our bodies have clear correlation with our anatomy, and when one point is touched, messages are transmitted through the nervous system. Reflexology can improve internal circulatory systems and immunity, as well as help our bodies get rid of all kinds of toxins.

2. Mud Baths: You don’t get to play around in mud like a careless child, alas. But what you do get is thick layers of specially formulated bud put all over your face and parts of your body. This mud is made from clay, silt, soil and water recovered from special places around the world. It contains naturally found vitamins and minerals to add to your health and beauty.

Mud Bath Spa Health Benefits: Mud Baths do a lot of things at once. The mud in these baths is grainy so it acts as a good exfoliant, getting the dead skin off of you and allowing your skin pores to open up. Because of all the vitamins and minerals in these baths, they help make the skin supple and healthy. Most importantly, mud baths rid the skin and the body of several toxins and wastes. The mud dries up and soaks up these excess products in our body. It might be messy to put on, but a mad bath spa has health benefits that will make you glow for days to come!

3. Wasabi Body Wraps: Most people are afraid of Wasabi. It has a very strong, spicy taste and can bring even the most culinary adventurous people to tears. Yet, the same Wasabi is an excellent source for a body wrap. Wasabi is a Japanese herbal root that is often used as an au-natural ingredient in body wraps. In spas, wasabi is often mixed with white tea, honey, sugar and other ingredients to neutralize the smell and heat of the wrap.

Wasabi Wrap Spa Health benefits: This body wrap has pretty far-reaching spa health benefits. Wasabi is a natural antibacterial so it helps improve the skin’s hygiene and purify your body. Our skin is an organ and soaks up a lot of the wasabi that goes inside our blood streams. It helps improve the circulation of blood and creates bright, clear skin.

4. Color Therapy: Spas have now started using color therapy to clear energy blocks in the bodies of customers and decrease bodily pains. Spas have started using pods and colored lights, blocks and different colored substances to create vibrational harmony in the body and bring different parts of the body into alignment.

Color Therapy Spa Health benefits: Color therapy is based on the concept of vibrational energy. Scientific research in this arena is limited, but spas claim that different parts of our body vibrate to different frequencies which causes disorders, and color therapy is a way to correct such discrepancies.

This is an article by Debbie Lake who writes more about spa health benefits and spa services at her website.

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